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2017 Comedy Wildlife Winners Revealed, And We Cannot Stop Laughing

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George Cathcart / Barcroft Images

Every year, there's a Comedy Wildlife Photography contest. The point is to show us that there's humor in nature, even if we don't always see it.

The photos are hilarious, with animals caught at just the right time, or in a predicament that we wouldn't expect.

Last years entries seemed impossible to top.

The face you make when you're mocking your sibling...

The "could this day get any worse" pose.

Someone has been caught red-handed.

Probably should have held on a little tighter!

"Say that to my face."

When you tell a hilarious joke and everyone in the squad loses it.

Anyone else's parents do this to them when they were talking too much in public?

You WISH you were as happy as this frog on a log.

Dance like no one is watching!

This is me when I see a bee flying towards me.

But, because nature is amazing, 2017's winners are here to show us that even though the human world may be filled with drama, the animal kingdom is not.

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