21 Game Of Thrones Locations That Look Just As Stunning In Real Life

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21 Game Of Thrones Locations That Look Just As Stunning In Real Life

After 6 seasons of fantasy adventures, HBO's hit series Game of Thrones has taken us on a journey through the incredible imagination of author George R.R. Martin. We've seen the freezing heights of the Wall, the sunny cities of Slaver's Bay and everywhere in between.

Maybe you have an urge to visit King's Landing after seeing the characters spend so much time there? You can! It turns out the show's incredible locations are almost all from a handful of countries: Northern Ireland and Iceland for the North, and Croatia and Spain for the South.

If you want to plan your vacation in Westeros, start with these 21 gorgeous places.

1. Winterfell - Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

Winterfell has changed over the ears - did you notice? The pilot episode was filmed in Doune Castle - where Ivanhoe was also filmed - but filming later moved to Castle Ward.

2. Winterfell forests - Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

If you're looking for direwolf puppies, start here. This is where Ned Stark's children found theirs.

3. The Kingsroad - Ireland's Dark Hedges

This stunning tree-lined road is a favorite for photographers, even though it's reportedly haunted by a ghost called the Grey Lady.

4. Dragonstone Beach - Downhill Strand, Northern Ireland

Remember when Stannis Baratheon burned the Seven and lifted up his flaming sword? This popular beach was the location.

5. Qarth - Lokrum, Croatia

To stand in for the finest house in "the Queen of Cities," the show's producers used this small island's Benedictine Monastery, founded in 1023.

6. The House of the Undying - Minceta Tower, Croatia

Thus landmark got a CGI extension when Daenarys's dragons were stolen and taken here.

7. Yunkai and Pentos - Aí¯t Benhaddou, Morocco

To capture the look of Westeros most wealthy and historic cities, this ancient fortified village was used.

8. The Water Palaces of Dorne - Alcázar of Seville, Spain

This palace was home to Spanish kings, but house Martell calls it home on the show.

9. The Great Pit of Daznak - Osuna Bull Ring, Spain

It may look like a gladiator pit, but in real life this stadium is used for bullfighting.

10. Castle Black - Magheramorne Quarry, Northern Ireland

This abandoned mine doesn't look much like the home of the Night's Watch, but with a little CGI magic (including adding the huge ice wall) it fits the part.

11. The Iron Islands - Ballintoy Harbor, Northern Ireland

This salty locale gets its distinctive look from a small fishing village of just 130 people.

12. North of the Wall - Iceland

The Wildlings roam in a few distinct locations on the island, including Myrdalsjokull glacier, Vatnají¶kull glacier and Hverfjall volcano.

13. The Great Grass Sea - Glens of Antrim, Northern Ireland

This region in Ireland is actually quite hilly and green, but with some clever shooting it looks just like the Grass Sea where the Dothraki horsemen ride.

14. Jon and Ygritte's Cave - Grjótagjá Cave, Iceland

There's a real hot spring in this beautiful cave, and it's become a popular tourist spot since it was featured on the show.

15. Astapor - Essaouira, Morocco

The city in Slaver's Bay where Daenerys meets the Unsullied is a real walled city in Morocco famous for its well-preserved architecture.

16. Braavos - Sibenik, Croatia

Unfortunately, the House of Black and White is only a set, but you can see other locations Arya has visited here.

17. Meereen - Fortress of Kliss, Croatia

The city's signature slopes are part of the ancient fortress, while Daenerys's throne room is the basement of Diocletian's Palace, both of which are in the city of Split.

18. The Bridge of Volantis - Cordoba, Spain

The bridge is real, in fact it was built by the Roman empire, and you can walk across it today.

19. Daenerys and Khal Drogo's wedding spot - Malta

Called the Azure Window, this beautiful rock formation would be the perfect place to say "I do" - just pray for a happier ending than this couple!

Unfortunately it has since collapsed because of a heavy storm.

20. The Scaffold of King's Landing - Fort Manoel, Malta

If Ned's execution (spoilers for viewers still on season one) looked a little different than other scenes, it's because it was filmed in a completely different country than most scenes in King's Landing.

21. King's Landing - Dubrovnik, Croatia

While the city of Split also stands in for parts of the city, King's Landing's most iconic landmarks are found in Dubrovnik.

The Red Keep is Fort Lovrijenac, and the city's Baroque Staircase is used as the entrance to the Great Sept of Baelor.

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