21 Once In A Lifetime Photos With Perfect Timing


21 Once In A Lifetime Photos With Perfect Timing

If you want to learn how to take really nice photos, it's no mystery. Just get a decent camera, learn how everything works, take a class if you need to, and from then on you just point and click.

Now, if you want to take a perfectly timed photo, you're going to have a hard time. You'll need a lot of patience and some clever thinking to plan out one of these, and there's no guarantee that all your hard work will pay off.

Instead of chasing after something impossible, just enjoy these 21 perfectly timed photos taken by people with lots more free time - or luck - on their side.

1. That must be a seriously strong crane

2. These are some next-level soccer skills

3. The key to taking great photos is using your surroundings

4. Uh oh, here comes a dragon!

5. This ride looks too extreme for me!

6. I think someone forgot their flight suit...

7. A new perspective can make your photos stand out

8. The sailboat to Heaven

9. Say "aaaaaah"

10. This old man is a work of art

11. Nice catch!

12. The royal referee

13. "I think Fido is a little gassy..."

14. Is he falling in, or breakdancing on the lake? We'll never know

15. That's a pretty big sail!

16. Is this an optical illusion, or does this man have long arms and dainty hands?

17. Did you know Dubai is home to the world's biggest golf course?

18. "I now pronounce you owl and wife..."

19. Those floating mice are the hardest to catch!

20. "It's me, Rudolph!"

21. Don't pop the puppy!

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