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23 Awesome 80s Cereals We Started Our Saturday Mornings With

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It's a well-known fact that the 80s and 90s had the best food of all time.

It seems like candy and snack makers were just more willing to experiment and push the envelope in these decades, but the boldest food creations by far were the breakfast cereals.

No cartoon character, TV star or film series could claim they had made it big until they had their own special breakfast cereal, and that lead to some pretty wild creations.

Check out this list of bizarre breakfast cereals and see how many you remember!

1. E.T.

Peanut butter flavor was a natural choice for the Reese's-loving alien. There are still lots of peanut butter flavored cereals, but they'll never fill the E.T.-shaped hole in our hearts.

2. Gremlins Cereal

Didn't anybody listen to the rules? You're not supposed to get Gremlins wet! Be sure to buy 2 boxes so you can send the tops in for this sad-looking Gizmo toy.

3. Pac-Man

In the '80s everyone had a case of Pac-Man fever, and the only cure was more of these tasty power pellets with marshmallow ghosts.

4. Urkel-Os

Like Urkel himself, this cereal stood out for being different. How often do you see a strawberry and banana flavored cereal?

5. Morning Funnies

Why have one mascot when you can decorate your box with every comic strip character? Except Charlie Brown of course - this cereal is Peanuts-free!

6. Nerds Cereal

Not only did the special box feature 2 flavors of candy, there was also a special bowl which let you separate the flavors, then raise the "gate" in the middle to combine them.

7. GI Joe Cereal

Did you know this popular cartoon also had a special cereal? Well now you do, and knowing is half the battle!

8. Cabbage Patch Kids

Every box of this cereal was unique, with its own name and birthday. Ok, not really, but maybe a gimmick like that would have made this very plain cereal more memorable.

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