23 Awesome 80s Cereals We Started Our Saturday Mornings With

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23 Awesome 80s Cereals We Started Our Saturday Mornings With

It's a well-known fact that the 80s and 90s had the best food of all time.

It seems like candy and snack makers were just more willing to experiment and push the envelope in these decades, but the boldest food creations by far were the breakfast cereals.

No cartoon character, TV star or film series could claim they had made it big until they had their own special breakfast cereal, and that lead to some pretty wild creations.

Check out this list of bizarre breakfast cereals and see how many you remember!

1. E.T.

Peanut butter flavor was a natural choice for the Reese's-loving alien. There are still lots of peanut butter flavored cereals, but they'll never fill the E.T.-shaped hole in our hearts.

2. Gremlins Cereal

Didn't anybody listen to the rules? You're not supposed to get Gremlins wet! Be sure to buy 2 boxes so you can send the tops in for this sad-looking Gizmo toy.

3. Pac-Man

In the '80s everyone had a case of Pac-Man fever, and the only cure was more of these tasty power pellets with marshmallow ghosts.

4. Urkel-Os

Like Urkel himself, this cereal stood out for being different. How often do you see a strawberry and banana flavored cereal?

5. Morning Funnies

Why have one mascot when you can decorate your box with every comic strip character? Except Charlie Brown of course - this cereal is Peanuts-free!

6. Nerds Cereal

Not only did the special box feature 2 flavors of candy, there was also a special bowl which let you separate the flavors, then raise the "gate" in the middle to combine them.

7. GI Joe Cereal

Did you know this popular cartoon also had a special cereal? Well now you do, and knowing is half the battle!

8. Cabbage Patch Kids

Every box of this cereal was unique, with its own name and birthday. Ok, not really, but maybe a gimmick like that would have made this very plain cereal more memorable.

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9. C-3POs

Aside from a clever name and some very popular characters on the box, this cereal didn't have much going for it.

What, exactly, were the figure-eight shaped cereal bits supposed to represent? C-3PO's eyes?

The Star Wars series has such great merchandise, so we're willing to overlook this mistake, but 80s kids really deserved better. Maybe Milleni-O Falcons with chewy marshmallow Chewies?

10. Smurf-Berry

There were multiple versions of this cereal, including Smurf Magic Berries with marshmallow stars and Smurf-Magic Crunch. After all these years we're still wondering: what, exactly, is a Smurf-berry?

11. Breakfast With Barbie

Barbie still appears on cereal boxes from time to time, but the new versions aren't as friendly as Breakfast With Barbie cereal.

12. Crispy Critters

We'll give a prize to anyone who can explain what this cereal's mascot Crispy is supposed to be. (Offer void where prohibited, requires 2 proofs of purchase for Throwbacks cereal).

13. Nintendo Cereal System

Like the Nerds cereal, this cereal "system" featured 2 flavors for double the fun. Which one was your favorite?

14. Rainbow Brite

This cereal still looks delicious, but it's hard to believe any parents were convinced that this rainbow-colored bowl of crunchy bits was "fortified" with anything but sugar.

15. Mr. T

We pity the fool who didn't enjoy this crispy cereal flavored with corn and oats! It even came in little "T" shapes.

16. Strawberry Shortcake

Am I crazy, or do these pink cereal bits look a little unappetizing? At least you knew what to expect with this flavor.

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17. Ghostbusters

It's hard to believe that the marketing geniuses behind Ecto Cooler couldn't come up with a way to turn your milk green.

This was still pretty tasty, with the marshmallow ghosts and crunchy red signs.

At least you could send away from some pretty impressive gifts, like a Slimer door-hanger.

Now all we need is a relaunch of this cereal to go with the Ghostbusters Lego sets and we'll be happy!

18. Batman

Now here's a cereal box as cool as the movie that inspired it. Newer cereals inspired by the caped crusader have used tasty chocolate bats, but these honey nut flavored golden ones are alright.


19. Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream for breakfast? Yes please! Whether you prefer the vanilla ice cream scoops or the crunchy cones, this cereal had something for everyone.

20. Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy

Fruit Brute could be found alongside Count Chocula and Boo-Berry until it was axed in 1982. Its replacement, Yummy Mummy, only survived a few years itself. General Mills brought these back for a limited time, but they've since been discontinued again.

21. Crí¶onchy Stars

Eeeveryone fayyyvorite Mooopet - da Sweetish Sheff - wass own the boox off this taystee seereeal!

22. S'Mores Crunch

Graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate combined in a breakfast cereal that turned your milk chocolatey. Need we say more?

23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Okay, whose idea was it to fill the box up with "ninja nets" and barely add in any marshmallows? We still loved seeing our favorite Turtles on the box, but this was kind of a rip-off.

How many of these cereals do you remember? Share this list and let us know!

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