25 Cute Puppies You Will Just Want To Cuddle

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25 Cute Puppies You Will Just Want To Cuddle

Are you ready for your daily dose of cuteness? It's a scientific fact that you can't look at puppies and be sad at the same time. That's been my experience, anyways. No matter what kind of day you're having, you won't be able to help smiling at these adorable little pups!

Warning: this will make you want to get a puppy. Scroll at your own risk.

1. GASP. Too much fluffy cuteness!!

2. You've got mail!

3. He's not a puppy, but he gets points for trying to be the cutest Dracula ever.

4. Snuggle wif me!

5. Nah nah gnaw.

6. Those big eyes and floppy ears are irresistible.

7. This little puppy just wants to know how you're doing.

8. Look at my tail. Just look at it.

9. Should we tell him that his ears are crooked? Nah, it's too cute.

10. Awww...someone needs a hug.

Thanks to Well Pet Coach for letting us use this image!

11. What a pudgy little belly you have!

12. Just a sleepy little pug.

13. Take me for a walk!

14. I'm adorable and I know it

15. Excuse me while I practice the splits.

16. Why won't you teach me?

17. Whatchu lookin' at?

18. Yup, I know I have a cute bottom.

19. When your skin is just a tad too big for you...

20. Don't you just want to snuggle with this sad little pup?

21. He just wants a treat. Could you refuse this face?

22. Aren't they just picture-perfect?

23. Squee! His ears are bigger than his legs!

24. This little guy who's just happy to see you.

25. Do you see that smile?