27 Of Oprah's Favorite Things You Can Actually Afford


27 Of Oprah's Favorite Things You Can Actually Afford

Every holiday season, Oprah Winfrey releases her list of "favorite things." The list is filled with items that Oprah herself endorses, and there's something for every category. Of course, we don't all have a net work of approximately $3 billion, so sometimes the list can be too pricey for our lifestyles. However, there are some things that won't break the bank and will make your holiday gift giving a little easier!

1. "Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations" by Oprah Winfrey

COST: $28

"Super Soul Sunday is a weekly show I do sitting in my yard, talking with the world's most extraordinary thought leaders. These are power: uplifting conversations now condensed to my favorite aha sound bites. All my net proceeds will go to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation; all the joy, nourishment, and original thinking will go to the reader.""”Oprah

2. Animal Bluetooth Speakers

COST: $30, 20% off using the code OPRAH

"These adorable Bluetooth speakers made last year's list, and now some new critters are joining the menagerie. Pick one or pair up a cute couple, and watch kids of all ages grin from ear to ear.""”Oprah

3. Holiday Jammies

COST: $10-$40, 20% off with promo code OPRAH

"I love these with a passion! Last year I bought lots of pairs to give to everyone I could think of; all my girls wore them at the Thanksgiving table. You can dress the whole family"”there's even a matching bandanna for the dog. See you on Insta!""”Oprah

4. Cruet Set

COST: $50, with 20% off using promo code OPRAH

"How gorgeous is this Italian handblown cruet set? Just be sure to fill the bottles with really nice oil and vinegar before gifting.""”Oprah

5. Weighing Bowl and Scale

COST: $50

"I weigh everything because I want to have a feel for what an ounce really looks like"”it's crucial for anyone trying to be meticulous about their eating. If knowledge is power, then this makes for one powerful present.""”Oprah

6. Letters To Me When I Grow Up

COST: $15 each, with 20% off using promo code OPRAH

"The 12 letters bound into this keepsake book prompt kids to tell their stories, make lists, draw pictures, and fantasize about who they'll become. A lovely gift for them, and maybe one day for their children.""”Oprah

7. Shower Caps

COST: $40 each, now 20% off with promo code OPRAH

"It's no secret that this country is deeply divided. But here's one thing we can all agree on: Every woman needs a good shower cap! These turban-style numbers have quick-dry fabric and a waterproof lining.""”Oprah

8. Thank You Jar

COST: $45

"I'm grateful somebody came up with the Gratitude Glass Jar. It includes 365 cards so your family can take turns jotting down notes about things they truly appreciate. At the end of the year, everyone can gather for a celebration of whatever is on those cards.""”Oprah

9. 23andMe DNA Test

COST: $69

"We all want to be able to picture where we came from, so why not give a friend a genetic test that provides some answers? The good news: You're probably not related to Attila the Hun. The bad news: You're probably not part of George Clooney's family, either.""”Oprah

10. Earring Set

COST: $48, with 20% off with promo code OPRAH

"Confession: I waited until I was 51 to get my ears pierced. You probably know someone who did it sooner"”she'll be thrilled to unwrap this pretty set of five pairs of gold-plated earrings. And you can't beat that price!""”Oprah

11. Orbit Tracker

COST: $40, now 20% off with code OPRAH

"Rescue your favorite scatterbrains with this Bluetooth tracker card that's stashed in a wallet. When he misplaces his wallet, the free Orbit app will help him find it. And if she loses her phone, she can just press the button on the card and follow the ring.""”Oprah

12. Thought-A-Day Notepads

COST: $15

"With 365 inspiring quotes"”and space to write your own thoughts"”these pads will make channeling your genius an everyday habit.""”Oprah

13. Animal Head Puzzles

COST: $18 to $25 each, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH

"Looking for a good low-tech way to hang out? A poster-size animal-head puzzle can keep you busy for hours. It's good for parents and kids!""”Oprah

14. Plaid Shirts

COST: $50-$60 each, with 20% off using promo code OPRAH

"When I walk the dogs at my place in Colorado, I love wearing big plaid flannel shirts. These just get softer and softer over time.""”Oprah

15. The Greatest Showman

COST: $13

"'No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.' So says American original P.T. Barnum, as played by Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman. The soundtrack, with music and lyrics by Oscar and Tony winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, is a celebration of imagination. "This Is Me" should be everyone's theme song.""”Oprah

16. Stackable Jewelry Boxes

COST: $80 each, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH

"I keep promising myself I won't put yet another jewelry box on Favorite Things, but these two-piece versions showed up with compartments for watches and eyeglasses, so how could I resist?""”Oprah

17. Frozen Dessert Maker

COST: $50

"We have a winner! In goes the frozen fruit, out comes silky sorbet. Did I mention that frozen berries and bananas equal zero Weight Watchers points, that the price is amazing, and that I make a soft-serve treat every night?""”Oprah

18. Puffy Scarves

COST: $85 each, now 20% off with code OPRAH

"I've never seen a scarf like this. The bright, ultralightweight muffler filled with premium down is exactly what you want on a yucky winter day. And it comes with a matching pouch.""”Oprah

19. Fuego Hot Sauce Gift Set

COST: $35 with 20% off if you use promo code OPRAH

"Spoiler alert, Beyoncé: Your present's been selected. These seven hot sauces range from mild to uh-oh, so naturally they're designed to look like sticks of dynamite.""”Oprah

20. Southern Magnolia and Olive Trees

COST: $66, free shipping, 20% off using promo code OPRAH

"Yes, I have olive trees in my bedroom. Everyone said they'd never make it, but I keep them turned to the light and they get bigger every day. A tree is a forever gift. It's sunshine and earth and water, and it just grows better with time.""”Oprah

21. Folding Mirrors

COST: $33 each

"A folding mirror in your bag is a must"”for taking out contacts, touching up makeup, and dealing with that spinach in your teeth.""”Oprah

22. Lumberjack Slipper Socks

COST: $13-$25 per pair, 20% off with promo code OPRAH

"I put on these cozy sock slippers for the Favorite Things shoot, and I loved them! So will anyone you give them to, from toddlers to grandmas.""”Oprah

23. Hand Cream

COST: $20

"Not sure what to get a nice neighbor or your kid's social studies teacher? These hand creams are rich, quick absorbing and deeply soothing.""”Oprah

24. Velour Lounger

COST: $94, get 20% off using promo code OPRAH

"This tunic's stretch velour (both inside and out) makes it feel like you're wearing a cloud. Put it on over leggings for errands, or wear it solo for lounging.""”Oprah

25. Chicken Pies

COST: $69, free shipping

"I found this chicken pie on Cape Cod years ago, and it's still the closest to homemade I've ever tasted. The hand-crimped crust is flaky, the filling is jam-packed with hand-pulled meat, and the people who make them are clearly doing so with love." "”Oprah

26. Galapagos Gift Box

COST: $60, now 20% off with code OPRAH

"I thought the Galápagos were just islands in the Pacific, but these Galapagos turtles"”made with pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, vanilla caramel, and dark and milk chocolate"”must come straight from the Chocolate Factory!" "”Oprah

27. Caroline's Cakes

COST: $50 to $60 each for cakes shown, now 20% off with code OPRAH

"According to Gayle, Caroline's Cakes is famous for its caramel cake, but one bite of the seven-layer coconut cake takes me right back to Sunday afternoons in Mississippi, with my grandmother in the kitchen cracking eggs and shaving fresh coconut.""”Oprah

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