3 Ways Earth Signs Are Different From The Rest Of The Zodiac

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3 Ways Earth Signs Are Different From The Rest Of The Zodiac


As an earth sign, you are consistent, ambitious, stable and logically intelligent.  Many of those born under an earth sign tend to be uncomfortable with change.

Out of all the signs of the zodiac, earth signs are the most money-minded, reserved and cautious.

Whether you're a Virgo, Taurus or a Capricorn, you are characteristically peace-loving. You are often some of the most clear thinking, practical, patient and ethical individuals of the zodiac.

While there are some clear differences that define earth signs from the rest of the zodiac, there are three special qualities that differentiate Virgos, Taureans and Capricorns from one another...

As they engage life through the senses, people find earth signs to be grounding, creative, conservative and reliable.vir

On the downside, those born under earth signs can become so focused on immediate goals and tasks that they don't appreciate the bigger picture - which includes people and opportunities that pass through their lives.

But each earth sign can be further divided into one of three modalities: Fixed, Cardinal or Mutable. Each modality strengthens a particular quality within each sign, further clarifying the unique combination of traits each individual has to offer the world.


The people born under the sign of Taurus are the most peaceful and stable of the earth signs. If you are a Taurus, you only reveal your temper when you cannot handle it anymore. Of the earth signs, you are the most sensuous and in touch with nature.

As a fixed modality, your power comes from stability:  you are patient and capable of sustaining an effort for a long period of time. Other people describe you as strong, stalwart, stubborn, and sensual.

Of the three earth signs, you have the most considerable willpower and are the most resistant to change.


Virgos have the most intellectual and artistic mind of the three earth signs.

You are the best at understanding abstract ideas and concepts, the most refined and detail oriented of other earth signs.

You are the editor - constantly seeking for ways to improve upon life and assist others in their own quest for self-improvement. Your power comes from an intelligent attention to detail that allows you to edit, fix and adjust situations. Around you, life and all it's complications becomes clearer.

As a mutable sign, you are the most adaptable earth sign. Others often describe you as altruistic, engaging, and meticulous.

While you're adaptability makes you more of an industrious sign, your shiness or tendency towards self deprecation can hold you back.


As the most ambitious and the most reserved of the earth signs, Capricorns are known for being highly ambitious and self-disciplined.

Capricorns are determined to succeed and prefer to be in positions of power or authority, but they're not tyrants. In fact, their work ethic inspires those around them to step up their own game. They pride themselves in doing a high-quality job at whatever they do, so it can be hard to admit when they are wrong, weak or to ask for forgiveness.

As a Cardinal sign, they have the worst temper and can be incredibly vengeful if they are wronged, but they also have the strongest sense of morality. They are generally more reactive to situations and events than other earth signs.

If you're a Capricorn, others often describe you as ambitious, creative, action-oriented and decisive. You're a vital force who always strives to achieve their high ambitions.