3-Year-Old Covers Up His Crime And Blames 'Big Huge Spider'

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3-Year-Old Covers Up His Crime And Blames 'Big Huge Spider'

Kids are hilarious! Some of the things they say are smarter than anything an adult could come up with. They are also creative geniuses when it comes to weaving a story to get out of trouble. If you're a parent, you know what I'm talking about.

3-year old Arthur is the star of this show. When his Aunt Sophie discovers muddy footprints all over the clean walls, she calls him over to ask what he did.

Arthur has a response ready to go. He says a great big HUGE spider crawled all over the walls with its muddy claws. Seems legit, but Aunt Sophie doesn't think so. I wonder why?

The little pirate goes to leave, but Aunt Sophie isn't done. She wants to know who will clean the wall.

Arthur says "You!" Uh huh. He quickly changes his mind and says "Grandma!" His grandma doesn't think too much of that, so she says "Tell Auntie Sophie the truth."

He admits it was him because "he wanted to make the wall better again." So cute! You will just want to hug him.