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Their 3-Year-Old Stays Awake Every Night, Talking To People Who Aren't There - Now They Know Why

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Most parents have to deal with kids who go through stages where they don't sleep very well.

Whether they wake up frequently, have trouble falling asleep, or wake up early in the morning, there's always something. But three-year-old Jessica's parents have to deal with something even worse.

During the day, Jessica is a regular toddler. She plays, talks, laughs and interacts with others just like any other child. But when it's time for bed, something totally bizarre happens to her, and her parents have no idea what to do about it.

Jessica doesn't sleep. It's not that she won't sleep, she simply can't sleep. Her mother Tanya says that, "in the day time, she’s aware that everyone else is there and if you spoke to her she would answer you. Whereas at night, it’s like you don’t exist."


Her daughter isn't just awake, she is laughing, talking and moving around as though she is really interacting with others, but any time her parents try to stop her she doesn't seem to react. While sleepwalking and sleep talking are fairly common, doctors have been stumped for years as to what's been going on.

Tanya has to let Jessica sleep in her bed because she's worried about her safety, but the video she took showing what their sleep schedule is like is enough to keep you up at night...

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