36 Grumpy Animals Who Have No Patience For You Today

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36 Grumpy Animals Who Have No Patience For You Today

We all have our bad days. Animals are no exception. Sometimes it isn't easy being adorable and fuzzy, and they might just want to be left alone.

These little buddies have been caught on a bad day and want you to know it. They don't have time for you to be poking and prodding at them and will not be tolerating any of your baby talk. Just let them do their thing and you will not feel their wrath.

1. Woke up on the wrong side of the eucalyptus tree

2. Probably should leave him alone

3. This little buddy might be tiny, but I bet there is a lot of rage inside

4. Alright, I get it you want the treats! Sorry!

5. This gorilla looks like every exhausted mother trying to understand why their child is screaming at 2 am

6. This turtle is very disappointed in you

7. This face will stop you in your tracks

8. No thank you.

9. Don't wake a sleeping baby, or hedgehog in this case

10. Sorry to disturb you, I will leave you alone

11. Offended rabbit is very offended

12. "What's that you're eating? A cheeseburger? I thought we were friends!"

13. This lion looks like she cannot even process your behavior

14. "I wanted bacon cake."

15. "What do you mean I look fluffier than usual, are you saying I look fat?"

16. This hippo is exhausted by your ignorance

17. This eagle doesn't want to hear what you have to say

18. Tiny and ticked off

19. Someone is about ready to fight you if you don't fill this bowl RIGHT NOW

20. Your baby talk is not cute to him

21. Betrayal displayed accurately

22. This dog cannot believe what you just did

23. This won't be the last you'll hear from this bunny

24. You better watch your back, this cat has a scheme

25. Don't start a snowball fight with a tiger. You will not win.

26. "Don't you dare say the words Hakuna Matata to me, or else."

27. The angriest little dust bunny in all the land

28. "No, I do not want to race a rabbit, thank you."

29. Don't talk about his hair, just leave him alone.

30. Watch out! He's about to blow!

31. This is the face we all get when someone eats the last cookie

32. You may want to start running

33. "What did you just say to me??"

34. Okay, okay, you are a terrifying beast I apologize!

35. You have an evil plan and that scares me.

36. This otter looks like someone just put him in a time out.

Which one best represents you when you are grumpy? Share in the comments!