4 Delicious Recipe Ideas With Everyday Foods

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4 Delicious Recipe Ideas With Everyday Foods

Think about the last time you went to a dinner party. Surely, the hosts brought out a new recipe they were trying or one of their classic dishes. For a dinner party, you want the dinner to be special. You don’t want to just serve baked chicken, broccoli, and a cup of steamed rice.

Even though that’s quite nutritious, it’s also quite boring. You want to make sure and wow your guests, not put them to sleep with an everyday recipe. It’s all about mixing it up.

But, you can take regular, everyday food and make a delicious meal out of it. Now there’s no need to fret when you take a look at your pantry.


By far the easiest recipe on this list, we’re going to start with the delicious fruit of cantaloupe. You can find it in just about every store and it’s a great source of vitamin C, meaning you don’t have to rely on oranges the entire time.

One of the more popular Italian appetizers (apertivi) is melon with ham/prosciutto. It’s a great mixture of sweet and salty.

All you do is cut up cantaloupe into long slices and place them around a plate. Then, you take slices of prosciutto or thinly sliced ham and lay them on top. Take some toothpicks or cocktail sticks and stab them into the ham and melon.

That’s it, that’s all you have to do. Total prep time on this is less than five minutes!


If your childhood taught you anything, it’s that eating a can of spinach is a one-track road to huge muscles. While spinach does carry a number of health benefits, we can’t guarantee your biceps will be the size of a small child.

Next time you’ve got spinach, look to make a pizza out of it. While you can make the dough yourself, you can also just as easily buy a ready-made pizza crust at the supermarket.

When you’re back at home, all you need are some spices, tomato sauce, cheese and spinach to seal the deal. You can mix in the spices with your tomato sauce or add them later. If you want a bit of extra flavor, throw some onions in your sauce as well.

Once you’ve put everything on the pizza crust, simply plop it in your oven for 20 minutes. The recommended heat is 450. After cooking, take it out and enjoy!


You’re used to putting peppers with your salad or fajitas, but peppers offer plenty of other options as well.

While peppers are powerful foods in their own right, loaded with vitamin C and plenty of other nutrients, they also provide the chance to be stuffed with other foods. While they may seem a bit difficult on the outside, stuffed peppers are quite easy to make.

Simply cut the peppers in half and add them to grill. Just what you stuff into the peppers is up to you. Plenty of people put ground beef and rice inside, making them like pepper hamburgers in a way. For the vegetarians, you can easily add tofu to the mix.

There’s no real wrong way to stuff a pepper, but be sure to make plenty as they taste delicious.


Just about everyone eats chicken, right? Chicken can come in many different dishes. Much like Bubba from Forrest Gump, you could spend hours and hours listing off the potential meals you can make with chicken.

But since this is about easy meals, it should be a super easy recipe. That’s why you should try out the four-ingredient chicken curry dish next time you want to spice up (literally) your food.

Start by cutting up your chicken into cubes before adding it to grill. Once they are cooked all the way through, add in your curry and coconut oil. Turn the heat down and let the mixture simmer for awhile. Be sure to stir occasionally to mix everything well.

Off to the side, you can cook your pasta, noodles, rice, or whatever else you want. Add vegetables to your liking, but in a limited ingredient meal, they’re optional. Total prep time here is around 20 minutes, so you’ll be chowing down in no time!

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