4 Tips for Adjusting Your Kids to a New Puppy in the Home

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4 Tips for Adjusting Your Kids to a New Puppy in the Home

Bringing a new puppy home can be an amazing thing for you to do, and you can be sure that your children will love this addition to the family a lot. That said, it's natural to be concerned if you've never had a puppy or a dog before since you may not be sure about how your kids will respond at first. This is the main reason why it's a good idea to try and adjust your kids to a new puppy in the home. Here are four tips that you can use!

1. Be Prepared to Supervise the Initial Interactions

Keep in mind that both the puppy and your children will need close supervision for the first few days or even weeks. Both the puppy and the children will need some training on how to live together safely. During this stage of supervision, it's best to teach your kids about how they'll help care for the pet. For example, the puppy will need to be let outside several times a day, fed twice a day, played with every so often, and be regularly groomed, which only 67% of dog parents surveyed understand well! Be a family that takes such responsibilities seriously.

2. Put a Bedtime Routine in Place

Next, you can benefit immensely from putting a bedtime routine in place right from the start. With a set bedtime and activities that lead to it, you can be sure that house training and adjustment will be easier for everyone at home. When both the puppy and your children understand that various activities signal that they need to start getting ready for bed, you can be sure that there will be less drama when it's finally time to sleep.

This will also ensure that you don't disrupt your children's daily schedules, especially if they're of school-going age. Whether your kids go to one of the 25% of private schools around the nation, which enroll 10% of PK-12 students, or they go to a public school, sticking to a routine is key.

3. Designate a Space for the New Puppy

You should also have a set space for your new puppy so that you can start to train them on where to sleep and relax right from the moment they get home. This can make things more manageable down the road because the puppy will feel welcome, and they won't have to be moved around a lot. Ensure that this area has a comfortable rug on which to sleep, and some toys, and it's also safe so that the puppy doesn't resist accepting it.

It's also important to get a space outside set up for your kids and pup to run around and play! Before the pandemic, only 6% of dog owners invested in fences, but that percentage has risen to 10% post-pandemic because more and more families understand the importance of keeping their pets safe while outside. Consider fencing to keep your new puppy from being harmed by other animals or cars on the street.

4. Be Patient

Finally, be patient with this transition, keeping in mind that it may take longer for some kids to adjust than it would for others. It will also take time for the new puppy to get used to their new home. This means that there may be accidents that you should be prepared to handle properly. In good time, you'll be one big, happy family!

These four tips should help you adjust your children successfully to a new puppy in the home. It's going to take some effort, but it will be well worth it because, in the end, the love shared will be phenomenal!

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