4 Tips For Throwing a Great Dinner Party

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4 Tips For Throwing a Great Dinner Party

If you're planning on throwing a party, it's good to do it right and make it one to remember. You want to have a decent party that will have all your guests impressed and gratified, so read on to see four easy tips which will help you ensure your dinner party is a blazing success.

Know Your Guests' Needs

Do your best to understand your guests' preferences and their dislikes. For example, if some of your friends are vegans, prepare a separate meal for them and notify them well in advance before it's time to eat. If one of your guests has a certain specific preference for food or drink, avail it to them. Also, make considerations for any guests with disabilities such as hearing problems, for example. Men are about twice as likely as women to develop hearing loss in the age range of 20-69 years, so think about the seating arrangement as well. This will make each person at your party feel special and appreciated. People enjoy being thought of and having considerations made for them, so this will make a great impression.

Plan Ahead and Send Invites

Make a to-do list of all the necessary items that will be required during and after the party. Bring in all the items in advance so you don't rush to the store with your checklist to pick up items a few hours before the party. Have someone help you with this if necessary, so that nothing will be forgotten and you will get the exact items you need. Also, remember to send out invites in good time, specifying the dress code for your guests. Most people will be eager to know this as it will enable them to plan more easily for the party. Make sure that your clothes are in good condition as well, noting that it's time to dry clean a suit when it looks limp and dirty or is maintaining an odor.

Set the Space

Here comes the fun part. Arrange the tables and seats, prepare the drinks, add decorations, and pick the right music to create a great ambiance, and get ready for the party. A well-set dinner party will be a sure way to delight your guests. People tend to feel comfortable in appropriately lit areas with a good setup, as this allows for free and easy interaction. Ensure that there are at least 10 inches between each guest to allow for ample elbow room as well as to reduce the likelihood of discomfort while the guests are seated.

Welcome the Guests

When the guests start to come in, welcome each one and show them where to sit to help them feel at ease. Offer each person a glass of your finest wine or any preferred drink to help them feel welcomed. At this point, any food that will be served to them should be ready so that after you welcome them, you can go ahead to entertain them. Keep things simple because the main point is to eat, drink and have a good time. Do not break your back making preparations for the party only to be totally worn out when you are needed to engage with and entertain your guests.

While it may be uncomfortable to have people in your house if you're not a social person, it's okay to take a few moments to recalibrate by stepping out for some air and moving around the room. Follow these tips and you will throw a party that will leave people eagerly asking about the next party you're going to plan!

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