5 DIY Tips to Add Life to Your New Home

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5 DIY Tips to Add Life to Your New Home

When you get that new home, it should feel like that, home. In many cases, people will buy or rent a home that may not be in the best shape. However, it may be the best possible value for the price. You can, however, do various things to make your home your sanctuary and to make your home have the feeling of warmth and style. Having said this, the following includes five DIY tips you should consider to add life to your new home:

1. Different Window Treatments

25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling usage comes from the gain and loss of heat through windows. Using different types of window treatments will help you preserve your heating and cooling, and these treatments will add uniqueness to your new abode.

One good example is aluminum blinds. These blinds are one of the window treatments that are low-maintenance and the longest-lasting. They are also available for windows of all sizes, and you can get creative with aluminum blinds by getting the right color that will accentuate your decor.

There are, of course, other great window treatment choices, including casement windows, single- or double-hung windows, picture windows, bay windows, and more. You can get creative with the types of windows you would like to add to your home.

2. Repurposing Items

Many, possibly most, people don't think much about choosing second-hand items for DIY home projects. However, not only will you save tons of money when it comes to repurposing these items in our home, but you also can restore nasty old cupboards and tacky-looking cabinets, and more. You can sand these down, use affordable paint and get creative with what you can do with them.

3. Easy Old Cupboard Solutions

You may get that horribly outdated feel when it comes to old cupboards. And if that's the case, you don't have to go the expensive way of dealing with them by removing and replacing all the cupboards. The simplest option is to paint the outside of the cupboard, and another option is to sand them down and stain them.

4. Skylights

When it comes to obtaining natural light for your interior rooms, installing skylights into your roof may work for you. This decor can be vented or fixed. Also, in addition to having natural light, you can have some welcomed airflow to a space.

5. Re-tile Your Kitchen Backsplash

The heart of any home is the kitchen. This is where you and your loved ones come to get something to eat and talk together. So, having that outdated feeling is definitely not the answer. You can gain an instant updated feel to your new abode by re-tiling your kitchen backsplash.

Tiling is not as hard as many people may think. Many DIYers who've done re-tiling were surprised at how easily and professionally looking they did it

These days with advanced technology and even some how-to videos and tutorials, more people are successfully doing their own re-tiling and other DIY projects. With this said, all you have to do is to remove the old kitchen tiles and then use affordable peel and stick tiles. Also, you may watch those videos previously mentioned to ensure you are getting that fantastic kitchen backsplash.

You've got that new home, so it will be worthwhile to ensure it is your sanctuary. Taking the steps mentioned above and more will go a long way in achieving that. Remember that your real estate agent can be of great use when you buy your home. They can help you scout any houses that may need TLC and put you in the right neighborhood. In fact, 78% of buyers have even stated that their real estate agent can be a very useful information source.

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