5 Most Popular Horse Racing Events In The UK

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5 Most Popular Horse Racing Events In The UK

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The United Kingdom is the home of prestigious horse racing events that have been around for ages. Horse racing began in the UK. It was a professional sport in England that dates back to the 12th century and was the second-largest sporting event in Great Britain.

Most UK citizens love to watch horse racing, which has become their favourite past-time throughout the country,  betting on horses in each race they watch.

If you are new and want to engage in horse racing, you may start by learning about the top five horse racing events in the United Kingdom.

Epsom Derby

The first horse race you should consider betting on is the Epsom Derby. Inaugurated in 1780, the derby’s race track has a distance of 1 mile, four furlongs, and 6 yards.

Epsom Derby is one of the most popular sports events in the UK. It is even popular in the United States since it is the horse racing event that inspired the creation of the Kentucky Derby.

This event is the most popular flat race worldwide and is considered to be the most prestigious among the five British Classics.

If you want to watch or bet on the race, you still have enough time to prepare. The Epsom Derby happens annually every June. The race will be held on the Epsom Downs in Surrey, England.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

The next horse racing event you should watch each year in the UK is the Cheltenham Gold Cup. This horse racing event happens annually every March.

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is a four-day race during the Cheltenham Festival. The Cheltenham Festival is one of the most notable events in horse racing. Horse racing fans and punters gather to vie for their favourite contender to win the Gold Cup during the festival.

Winning in this prestigious horse racing event is an honour to the trainer, jockey, and horse owner. All their efforts and sleepless nights will all be worth it if they get to win this race.

The Cheltenham Gold Cup race is held annually  at Cheltenham Racecourse in England. It has a distance of 3 miles, 2 furlongs and 70 yards. Contenders in this race don't only need to run and cross the finish line first, but they also need to jump through 22 fences installed throughout the racecourse.

Grand National

If you can't wait for June for the Epsom Derby and want to experience a horse racing event sooner, then you're in luck. The Grand National is just around the corner. It's happening on the 15th of April, at 5:15 PM.

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It is happening on the Aintree racecourse in Liverpool, England. The Grand National is a unique horse race as it caters to 40 contenders competing in a marathon with a distance of 4 miles and 2 ½ furlongs with 30 spruce fences to jump over.

This race is known to be the ultimate test for jockeys and horses, which makes it popular among enthusiasts and punters.

King George VI Chase

King George VI Chase is held in December yearly, before the Cheltenham Gold Cup. It is known as the most significant jump race of the season and is held at Kempton Park in Sunbury, England.

The race runs for 3 miles with eighteen fences that contending horses need to jump over. It has been the tradition of punters in the UK to watch the King George VI Chase every after Christmas since it is scheduled to run on December 26th every year.

You can certainly add this race as part of your yuletide tradition. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy the race on the track or at home. If you're near Kempton Park, watching the race in person is highly recommended to get a personal feel of the adrenaline rush shared by spectators.

Ascot Gold Cup

Lastly is the Ascot Gold Cup event, also happening in June.

The Gold Cup race is the highlight of the Royal Ascot. The Gold Cup race is the highlight of the Royal Ascot. The Royal family often attends the event, particularly by the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was known to be a horse enthusiast since childhood.

This race week has become a famous race meeting in Britain, where approximately 300,000 guests, dressed in fine clothing and hats, join the five-day event. If you want to glimpse the royal family and experience a royal event, then the Ascot Gold Cup is the ideal race for you to attend.

Start Your Racing Journey

Whether you want to make merry or profit a few quid, you can start your racing journey by attending the UK's five most prestigious horse racing events. Be sure to do your research, and never forget to have fun.

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