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5 Must-Know Crisco Hacks For The Kitchen

Gary & Anna Sattler - Flickr / By Didriks - Wikimedia Commons

Cooking spray is probably one of the handiest inventions in the kitchen. It's fast, easy to use and the best part is, you don't get your hands greasy.

It's definitely made life easier for millions of bakers, but did you know that there are at least five other ways cooking spray can save the day?

Remember these hacks the next time your freezer fills up with ice or your Tupperware turns yellow from those spaghetti left-overs!

1. De-Ice The Freezer

It happens at least once a year: that thick buildup of snow and ice that coats the walls and upper shelf of your freezer. When you can't fit the ice cream in, you know you've got a problem.

Once you've defrosted the freezer, layer-on some some cooking spray in the places that are most likely to ice over. Wait five minutes, then wipe with a towel.

2. Chop It Like It's Hot

Know what it feels like to run a hot knife through butter? Well, you can have a clean chop with even the stickiest of garlic every time with this smart hack. Just aim a  light mist of cooking spray at both sides of the blade and garlic will fall off effortlessly!

3. Grate Expectations

If you love grated cheese, but hate scrubbing the metal grater after a meal, you'll want to coat it in cooking spray. Just a few short bursts of on the inside and outside of the grater before you grate your cheese and clean up will be a breeze!

4. Stains, Be Gone!

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Before storing that leftover spaghetti, coat the inside of your Tupperware containers with cooking spray. Not only will your pasta glide out of the container, it will keep the plastic relatively stain-free!

5. No More Sticky Rice

Before you add the pasta to a pot of boiling water, cover the surface of the water with a fine mist of cooking spray. It will keep your noodles separate and stop them from melting onto the pot. This works well for grains like rice and quinoa too!