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5 Things Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About Stinky Breath, And How To Fix It

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We all love walking through the door after a long day to find a happy dog waiting for us with some slobbery kisses, but you've probably learned to ignore Fido's bad breath. From time to time even humans get a bad case of halitosis, so we assume it's no big deal, and it normally isn't. But responsible dog owners should know that stinky breath is sometimes a sign of serious medical problems.

Even if you're not worried, there are lots of safe, easy and effective ways to sweeten your pooch's breath, so what do you have to lose by trying them?

Everything you need to know about your pet's garlic breath is in this list:

1. Check your dog's teeth

Bad breath can be caused by plaque or tartar buildups in your dog's mouth, but usually it's a sign that their teeth are a little worse-for-wear.

You should check your dog's teeth and gums about once a week. Healthy gums are bright pink, while red ones and brown teeth should be checked out.

2. You actually need to  brush your dog's teeth

Dogs are just like kids: they hate to brush their teeth, but you need to make sure they do. Let them lick a little dog-safe toothpaste off your finger so they'll be less apprehensive.

Handing out a few treats during your weekly brushing will also improve their mood.

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