5 Things To Do With Beer Besides Drink It

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5 Things To Do With Beer Besides Drink It

Beer has long been a favorite of party-goers, gods, monks and poets. As far back as 3,500 BC, beer was being produced in the country known today as Iran. Ancient poems from Mesopotamia (Iraq) praise Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing.

Fast forward to today, when beer is the preferred alcoholic beverage in North America. If you love beer, then pour yourself a pint and reserve a bottle for these five other ways to use the bubbly brew.

1. Polish Your Pots

Before we had synthetic polishing agents, beer was used to clean tarnished copper vats in breweries. You can still use today's brews to boost the shine in your pots. Sip while you scrub!

2. Marinate Your Meat

If you aren't already doing this, stop everything and buy a steak. Before you light up the barbecue or oven, blend up a tasty beer-based marinade for juicy chicken, steak or ribs.

3. Remove Wine Stains

Yes, it's true, beer saves the day when it comes to red wine and your party dress. Just wet a cloth with some 'brewski' and dab at the stain to lift it out. Then, toss your dress/pants/shirt into the wash to get rid of the liquid and the smell.

4. Softens Soles of Feet

If you've got rough, tough skin on your heels and the sides of your feet, try soaking them in a basin of beer. If you're not worried about wasting that liquid courage on your feet, give them a soak. The yeast will soften the skin and the alcohol is a natural antiseptic/antibacterial agent.

5. Revive Your Furniture

If the wood stain on your dining room table is beginning to fade, rub the life back into it with a microfiber cloth and some flat beer.

Do you know any other things that beer can do? Let us know in the comments below!