5 Twitter Stories That Are So Entertaining, You'll See Why They Went Viral

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When Twitter was founded in 2006, the world was unprepared for the huge amount of entertainment the social network would provide. From discussing hard-hitting issues to sharing humorous antidotes in only 280 characters, Twitter has been able to bring millions of people together, united in their shared experiences.

One of my favorite parts of the site is the ability to create threads that promote conversation between users. This is also a great feature when someone wants to tweet a hilarious story that'll certainly amuse the masses.

Curious about what I'm talking about? Here are 5 Twitter stories that went viral for a series of priceless reasons.

1. The stolen lunch

So, the investigation begins.

Once the culprit is discovered, the employees anxiously wait for her to come to work.

Of course, she denies the accusation.

And proves herself to be a truly heartless individual.

2. He just wanted a milkshake

Get ready, it's going to be bizarre.

That's when Josh tries to offer a sympathetic ear.

He never got his milkshake, but he isn't about to leave empty-handed. He also learns the employee's devastating news.

Luckily, the employee finally finds his wife.

Then Josh sees the couple get intimate... and gets swindled into buying an apple pie.

But, he isn't the only one there.

Unfortunately, Josh doesn't end up with a happy ending.

3. The late classmate

While Drew is sitting in class, he realizes late student is friends with the people at his table.

Then he gets asked to move.

But, Drew stands his ground.

Even though his classmates are putting up a tough fight.

Thankfully for Drew, the professor is on his side.

After arguing who would get to class on Thursday the earliest, Drew ends up being the first one there.

And he finds backup.

However, Jamal doesn't play along.

Then Drew starts to get on his classmates's nerves.

Only to find out an unwanted surprise.

4. The international birth

Tia Freeman didn't expect her son's birth story to make international headlines, but it genuinely blows everyone else's out of the water.

Despite finding out she's pregnant (let alone being in her third trimester), Tia decides to go on vacation anyways.

Tia started to feel sick during her 14-hour flight, and when she got to her 17-hour layover in Turkey, her cramps started to become unbearable.

Realizing she's about to give birth in a foreign country and doesn't speak the native language, Tia decided to go on YouTube to figure out how to deliver her baby on her own.

While Tia explained she didn't panic during her labor, she did say it was a quick but painful process.

Although it wouldn't be long until Tia realized the placenta was still inside her and needed to come out.

After admitting she had to use a sterilized shoelace to use as clamps before she cut her son's umbilical cord, Tia also said she had no idea how she was going to be able to leave the country with her baby. So she went back to the airport.

Tia was later brought to the US Consulate to register Xavier's birth, where she was hounded by the press about her unique story.

But, all's well that ends well and Tia and her baby were deemed healthy enough to fly back home - first class of course.

5. The ancient date

It all began when Priya made an OkCupid account and became enticed with a man who only had side profile pictures of himself on his account.

When Priya arrived at the coffee shop, she was horrified when her suitor finally approached.

She goes on to emphasis exactly how much older her date actually is.

And then Priya discovered the true intent behind her date's online dating profile.

But before he left, the old man said one very raunchy statement.

But in the end, this date helped Priya make a very important decision - to delete her OkCupid account.

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