6 Timeless Wedding Color Palettes That Work for Every Theme

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6 Timeless Wedding Color Palettes That Work for Every Theme

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Colors are focal points of weddings because other details are built around them. For this reason, couples choose their wedding colors by season, tradition, or style. However, some couples neither care for tradition nor season but think outside the box. If you're that couple, there's an array of timeless wedding colors and palettes to choose from.

These palettes combine the best wedding colors to suit every season. It's your celebration, and your wedding theme colors must match your choices. With evergreen colors, the possibilities are endless from the bulky stationery to the tiny accents.

To help you pull off the perfect palette, we've sorted out the best color combinations for weddings. Study this guide before selecting wedding colors and leave your guests with an unforgettable experience!

1. Indigo + cream + violet

About: This palette is a combination of romantic wedding colors perfect for intimate nuptials. The colors are suitable for woodland, beach, rustic, and formal weddings. It sets a calm and solemn ambiance.

Application: Indigo and violet are deep jewel tones and can be overwhelming. So when choosing wedding colors in jewel tones, you need a neutral color for balance. The cream color is one of the best that goes together with jewel tones; lifting the mood.

Use cream color as the base and incorporate indigo and emerald around it. Cream lace table cloth to indigo napkins, colorful bouquet, violet waist belt, and mismatched lounge chairs, speak beauty.

2. White + blush + emerald

About: These three colors combined are ultra-lush and simply sophisticated. Two neutral tones bring the balance to a deep and powerful emerald. This combo is a perfect romantic yet playful palette for cool and hot months.

Application: Emerald is overwhelming and powerful, so it's best used as your base. Build on this color with touches of blush and white, like the bouquet, boutonnières, and table setting. Employ iced mint, gray-blue, graphite, yellow, or scallop seashell as an accent. Infuse them as mismatched centerpiece vases, and motifs on stationery to give a multidimensional look.

3. Ombre

About: Shades of colors moving along the same gradient are exceptional mixtures for any time of the year. Deeper shades set the mood for cooler months, warmer shades match sunny months, and everything in between. Ombre is a great palette for bohemian and industrial-chic weddings.

Application: Build your ombre palette from the deepest to light shades or light to deepest. Make the progression consistent for better effect. Pick individual shades of your chosen colors for lights, stationery, floral arrangements, table settings, and food. With your arrangement perfect, bring all your shades together on an item. Make your statement by creating a full ombre cake, donut wall, or eye-popping centerpieces.

4. Muted neutrals + Greens

About: For a whimsical, relaxed, earthy, and laid-back wedding, build your wedding color schemes around muted neutrals. Perfect for farm, museums, and Grecian inspired outdoor weddings, there's a peaceful feel to these colors.

Application: Embrace any of the muted tones like tan, beige, taupe, mauve, cream, and dusty rose. They are rich and earthy, looking best in macramé, lace, and silk textures. The sophisticated mixtures of these muted colors are versatile and work great in any season. They're gorgeous for decor, table settings, bridesmaid’s dresses, and stationery. Liven up these colors by throwing in some greens like vines, wildflower, and pampas grass for floral arrangements.

5. Blue + gold

About: Blue and gold are two of the timeless and most popular wedding colors. Blue acts as the base color, while metallic gold accents make a powerful statement. Your shades of blue will depend on the wedding theme. If you're thinking nautical, beach, garden, or lakeside, then choose light shades of blue. Cerulean, turquoise, Arctic, sky, and teal shades are some great options. For modern, sophisticated, rustic, and Bohemian weddings, choose deeper shades like space, Prussian, navy, azure, peacock, Aegean, or royal blue.

Application: Incorporate your choice shade of blue in your attire, decor, stationery, and pastries. Pick out flowers that match your shade of blue for bouquet and bridesmaid dresses. Throw in touches of ivory to elevate the blue color in napkins and flatware. Lean towards brass candle holders, bouquet wraps, and dainty fairy lights for gold accents.

6. Green + Ivory

About: A wedding at the mill, winery, terrace, or barn? The best way to express your love for nature is a combination of green and ivory. Ivory brings a brightness to the rich and lively green. For a little pop to the palette, choose and of the metallic wedding colors as accent.

Application: Create a balance for your theme by using ivory as the base color. Incorporate it in tablecloths, stationery background, bridesmaid’s dresses, and everywhere else. Build on this color with greens like stationery lettering, tablescapes, centerpieces, cake decor, etc. Switch blooms for greenery, foliage, and succulents. Leave a touch of sophistication with metallic toned lights, candle holders, centerpieces vases, and flower pots.

There you go! We've come to the end of our list of timeless wedding colors and palettes. These wedding color ideas are accessible and easy to work with. Regardless of the season, this guide will help you create your perfect combo without any awkwardness.

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