She Might Not Make It Through Surgery, So A 6-Year-Old Girl Asked For Her Dream Wedding

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Sophia Chiappalone may only be five-years-old, but she knows a thing or two about fighting for dear life and coming out on top.

When Sophia was born, doctors found a genetic defect in her heart. There was no link between her heart and pulmonary arteries, which allow for blood to flow to the lungs.

So far, she has undergone three open-heart surgeries, and has another scheduled for later this month. Although unconfirmed, doctors think Sophia may suffer from DiGeorge syndrome, a condition which affects the development of the body's internal systems, including the heart and immune system.

Facebook/Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone the beautiful baby with a broken heart

Kristy Somerset-Chiappalone, Sophia's mom, has been trying to make her daughter's life as normal as possible, so just like any other girl her age, Sophia has been attending preschool and making friends, including a very special boy named Hunter Laferriere.

Sophia loves 6-year-old Hunter so much so that she told her mom that she wanted to marry him.

Sassy Mouth Photography

As soon as Kristy heard Sophia's wish, she got in touch with Hunter's mom, Tracy Laferriere, and they decided to give the little girl the wedding she dreamed of.

Of course Hunter was on board too.

"He'd do anything to make her happy," Tracy said. "She always agrees to play Mario with him, so I think he'd happily marry her. They have a chemistry that's magnetic, it's adorable to watch."

A few weeks ago, Kristy got her friend and the photographer behind Sassy Mouth Photography, Marisa Balletti-Lavoie, and they dressed up the kids for a wedding photo shoot. As you can imagine, the results were adorable!

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