6-Year-Old Made $11 Million In One Year Reviewing Toys On YouTube

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When you think of the child celebrities we knew when we were growing up, they were likely from our favorite TV shows and movies. Stars like Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Judy Garland or Shirley Temple worked from a young age to entertain us on the big and small screen.  

Child stars today, however, may not be actors at all, but YouTube sensations instead.

One of the biggest YouTube phenomenons is a six-year-old named Ryan, who plays with toys, and just happens to be captivating audiences across the globe.

Since the age of three, Ryan's parents have been taking videos of him opening toys and playing with them. His 'reviews' for them posted to their YouTube channel, "Ryan ToysReview."

Ryan's identity and where he lives is kept very secret, but not without a good reason.

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