6th Grader Leaves A Note After Hit And Run And Saves Man Thousands

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6th Grader Saves Man A Ton Of Money With Her Hilarious Note

Twitter - Andrew Sipowicz

When you own a car, you've got to think about a lot of things. You have to maintain it, put gas in it, pay for insurance, and obviously drive it without causing an accident.

One major downside side is that we can't always control what happens to our cars. No matter how careful we are, we can't control other people.

Parking your car on a street is always risky, but most of us hope that if something goes wrong, the person will do the right thing and leave a note with their insurance information. But often people just drive off, leaving your car dented and no way to recover the costs.

But every once and a while something amazing happens. Even when the driver doesn't do the right thing, there may be a witness who is able to help out. For one man, his savior was actually a little 6th grader.

Andrew Sipowicz tweeted out the photo of his damaged car, but when he did he revealed the note that was left on it. The note wasn't from the driver of the vehicle that hit him, but instead a 6th grade girl who saw it all happen.

The student from Houghten Academy revealed it was her school bus that had hit the car when it was trying to make a tight turn. The note read:

"If your [sic] wondering what happen [sic] to your car. Bus: 449 hit your car. It stops here everyday to drop me off at 5:00 pm.

What Happened? She was trying to pull off and hit the car. She hit and run. She tried to veer over and squeeze threw [sic] but couldn't. She actually squeezed threw [sic]. She made a dent and I saw what happened.

Sorry. Driver seat left door. A lady in the bus driver seat 999. Buffalo Public School Bus."

She even drew a little picture of the bus with an arrow pointing at it and a note saying "the bus that hit your car."

She didn't sign it, instead just writing "a 6th grader at Houghten Academy" but Sipowicz revealed in a follow-up tweet that they were able to find the student responsible and are looking for a way to reward her for her good deed.

People were obviously impressed with the little girl, but an obvious joke had to be made:

While the little girl may have thrown the driver under the bus, she absolutely did the right thing. It's nice to see that someone out there is willing to help out another person like that!

Source - CNN / USA Today

Do you always make sure to leave a note if you ding another car?