7 Celebrities You Didn't Know Used Surrogates


7 Celebrities You Didn't Know Used Surrogates

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With Kim Kardashian's recent birth of her third child, we wonder how common is it for celebrities to use surrogates to have their children?

In Kim's case, she used a surrogate for her third child because she suffers from a potentially life-threatening condition called placenta accreta. So for her, it would have been too dangerous to have another natural birth. Is this the case for other celebrities that use surrogates?

Here a list of celebrities that have used surrogates to have children.

1. Ellen Pompeo

Pompeo gave birth to her first child in 2009. She used a surrogate for her second child. She kept this very private, and only announced her second child's arrival two months after she was born. But when she announced her child's arrival, she raved about the surrogacy process.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Her first child was born naturally in 2002. Six years after her first child was born, the actress announced that she and her husband were expecting twins via surrogacy. They chose surrogacy after the inability to get pregnant a second time.

3. Elton John

Elton John, and husband David Furnish used the same surrogate for both of their sons. They were also in the delivery room for both births. When asked about the surrogate he said, "She is a wonderful, kind and loving woman."

4. Tyra Banks

In September 2015, entrepreneur and supermodel Tyra Banks revealed to People Magazine that she had fertility issues and had undergone IVF treatments to start a family with her boyfriend of two years, Erik Asla. Just a few months later, in January 2016, the couple announced their "miracle little boy," York Banks Asla, was born via surrogate.

5. Elizabeth Banks

Banks was unable to have children of her own naturally, but always wanted to have a child. Because of this, choosing a surrogate was a hard decision. But after talking to moms who had been through similar situations, she decided that was the best option. She and her husband Max Handelman now have two children, Felix and Magnus, both from surrogacy.

6. Jimmy Fallon

After struggling for five years to get pregnant, late night host Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, were able to welcome two daughters, Winnie and Frances, via surrogate.

7. Nicole Kidman

In her previous marriage with Tom Cruise, the two adopted two children. When Kidman re-married to Keith Urban, they gave birth to her third child in 2008. Kidman and Urban then surprised their family and friends by announcing the birth of their newest child, Faith via surrogacy in 2010.

Kim Kardashian wasn't the first, and she certainly won't be the last. Many celebrities use surrogacy as a means for having children, for many reasons.