7 Hilarious And Unbelievable Moments From The Today Show


7 Hilarious And Unbelievable Moments From The Today Show

Most country's morning shows don't feature giggling fits and interviews with famous cats, but everything is a little different in Australia.

Every morning hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson read the latest news, but they also manage to go off the rails and get into some ridiculous situations. If you live in Australia you already know the exact kind of mayhem that's made the show legendary, but if you don't you're about to discover it.

See how long you can go without laughing at these 7 funniest moments from the show!

1. Testing the Dalai Lama's sense of humor

You probably shouldn't ask the Dalai Lama a joke during an interview, but if you do it should actually be funny.

2. "Is that a shark?"

Australian morning show hosts should be used to seeing all kinds of scary animals, so that tells you how shocking this shark really was.

3. Interviewing this national hero

Chasing down thieves? Check. Wearing nothing but underpants? Check. Hilarious play-by-play interview the next day? Check. Definitely the most Australian TV segment of all time.

4. Is that how you play curling?

"Is this footage gonna haunt us or what?" Lisa knew exactly how silly the hosts looking trying this video game out, but they stayed committed to it until the very end!

5. When does the show start again?

Karl saved the day when Ben slept in one Friday morning, reading the sports headlines just as the sleepy anchor rolled into the studio.

6. Did somebody mention cookies?

Was this a slip-up or a prank? Either way, it's one of the show's funniest moments of all time. Never trust the teleprompter!

7. Interview of the century

A real journalist needs to ask the tough questions, which is exactly what Karl does in this hard-hitting interview with the internet's grumpiest cat.

Which of these moments is your favorite? Share and let us know!

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