7 Things In Your Home That Could Be Poisoning You

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7 Things In Your Home That Could Be Poisoning You

Most parents invest a lot of time and money to make their home safe for their growing family, but there are so many dangers in this world that something is always overlooked.

Take household poisons for example. Even if you're safety-conscience and keep hazardous liquids like bleach, laundry detergent and cleaners away from your children, there are still less obvious dangers lurking in your house.

Some of these risks are fairly small, or uncommon, but there are others that we really take for granted. To be safe, read this list of 7 common household poisons and learn what to avoid!

1. Toothpaste

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Of course, toothpaste is safe to use - otherwise we wouldn't be able to buy it at the store. But many people use toothpaste incorrectly without knowing it, and it can put them at risk. You should never swallow toothpaste, because it can cause serious stomach problems. Some brands also contain fluoride, which is poisonous, and even fatal, in high doses.

2. Your frying pan (and anything else made with PFCs)

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You've probably never heard of PFCs, but they're one of the most common chemicals because they make things repel water and grease. Everything from nonstick pans and stain repelling fabrics like Goretex to pizza boxes are coated in PFCs. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, liver conditions and drastic weight changes.

3. Lots of common household plastics


Phtalates (also called plasticizers) are a very common type of chemical in anything plastic or vinyl. They're also used in many brands of perfume and nail polish, despite the fact that they've been banned from some children's products for causing cancers and asthma. To keep your family safe, consider switching your plastic food containers to glass or ceramic ones.

4. Air conditioners

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A leaky air conditioner is a health hazard that can go unnoticed for a long time. Freon, the chemical used in many air conditioners, can cause refrigerant poisoning - which leads to seizures and heart conditions - in small doses. That's why you should never fix a broken air conditioner yourself!

5. Your laser printer

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The cartridge in your printer isn't actually filled with "ink," but a very fine powder called toner. Some of these particles are released into the air when you print, and breathing them in can wreck your airway and lungs, so always make sure the room you keep your printer in is well ventilated,

6. Your drinking water


The highly publicized crisis in Flint, Michigan, where the city's water was polluted by lead, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pollution. Many other communities across America are at risk of lead poisoning, as well as other toxic and cancer-causing chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency has said themselves that "we can no longer take our drinking water for granted," so buy yourself a good water filter to be safe!

7. Your furniture

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Pretty much every piece of furniture in your home, including your bed, TV and couch, are filled with flame retardant fabric. Even your car is stuffed full of it. While this material is good at its job - keeping your house from burning down - it also releases nasty dust has been proven to lower children's IQ and cause other learning problems. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do about this is vacuum as often as possible, especially around your furniture.

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