8 Cake Decorating Hacks


8 Easy-Peasy Cake Decorating Hacks

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Have you ever bought or made a cake that was BEYOND boring or imaginably ugly? Well let me tell you! I have definitely had my fair share of good ol' Pinterest fails myself!

Impress your next party guests with these 8 INCREDIBLY easy cake hacks and show them who's the next Cake Boss! FYI it's gonna be YOU!

Here's How To Do It

1. Buttercream Flowers: Using a large straight star tip in your piping bag, create small circles starting in the center and working your way out to the desired size. Sprinkle with pearls and glittery sprinkles and Voila! A cake fit for a princess!

2. Flower Cake: This might be one of the most simple cakes out there! Any icing, add a few pieces of assorted fruit with a flowers and you're done!

3. Naked Cake: Scrape the sides and eat! That's right! scrape off that side icing, add a little flower on the top and you have the trendiest little cake in town!

4. Kids Cake: We all know your kids have some Tonka trucks lying around around the house. Let's put them to good use! With a spoon, scoop out a few small holes in your cake. Crush up a few Oreos and fill those holes with your new 'dirt'. Place the trucks around the cake as desired! "Thanks Mom!"

5. Number Cake: Print, cut, place and sprinkle! That's it!

6. Candy Cake: this one saved me! Cover that ugly cake with some chocolate bars and some candy on top! We will call this 'Indulging the Sweet Tooth'.

7. Cereal Cake: this one is also great for the kiddos and is SUPER easy! Cover those ugly sides with bits of cereal and crush some more for the top. You're welcome!

8. Printed Image Cake: Create that store bought look with a custom image of your own. Print your image and if using text be sure to 'mirror' otherwise it will come out backwards when placed on  the cake. Trace the perimeter of your cake onto a sheet of wax paper. Tape your printed image within your tracing and being your piping starting with your outlines FIRST. Once traced, cover the entire image in your original icing and Freeze for several hours. Once frozen, simply place on and peel that wax paper back!