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8 Everyday Plants That Can Help You De-Stress Right Now

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Known for it's relaxing benefits in tea, people often brew Chamomile to help them sleep better. While getting a better night's sleep will help you alleviate stress, chamomile has also shown to help get rid of negative emotions. The soothing scent of his plant can be both calming and soothing, which is perfect for those moments when you feel on edge.


This plant is known for it's uplifting aroma that can stimulate both your mind and body. If you're feeling down, this scent can help lift you up with its confidence-inducing abilities. It will also make your home smell amazing, so that's an added bonus.


A favorite scent for years, it's no surprise that it is a popular stress reliever to this day. It boasts many benefits when inhaled such as an improvement in short-term memory, anxiety relief and of course, relaxation. Many people use it in a bath, as a fragrance spray or massaged into the skin.


If your stress levels begin to give you a headache, reach for the green-yellow oil that is extracted from this plant's flowering top. This sweet scent will become more floral when it becomes diluted and you will be surprised by its soothing ability.

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