8 Killer Celebrities on Criminal Minds


8 Killer Celebrities on Criminal Minds

After 10 seasons, Criminal Minds has aired some pretty horrific crimes and killers. From kidnapping, to arson, torture and personality disorder, they have touched on many of the inner workings of the minds of serial killers. It's no surprise that they have had to get some familiar places to play these killers that haunt some of your dreams at night. Here are some of the celebrities that have played the dark side of humanity that you may have forgotten about.

James Van Der Beek as Tobias Hankel

In this season 2, two-part episode we see the former Dawson's Creek star play Tobias Hankel, a man dealing with multiple personality issues. In his head he has his father, who punishes so-called sinners using religious torture techniques, himself, and the archangel Raphael. He kidnaps Dr. Reid and we find out his dark past.

Jason Alexander as Henry Grace

In season 4, the former Seinfeld star portrayed a narcissist and prodigy serial killer that was looking to exact revenge on David Rossi, who he blames for ruining his life.


Michael O'Keefe as Dr. Stanley Howard

In season 3, this Rosanne star takes you on a journey through your greatest phobias. Appropriately named Scared to Death, this episode focuses on a therapist who exploits people's greatest fears before they die.


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Mark Hamill as John "The Replicator" Curtis

The force is strong with this unsub. Mark Hamill, formerly known for playing Luke Skywalker, was one of the series toughest criminals to put away. The Replicator's murders mirrored other BAU cases and he was found stalking the team in no fewer than 8 episodes during season 8 before finally killing reoccurring character BAU Section Chief Erin Strauss.

Tim Curry as Billy "The Prince of Darkness" Flynn

There's no singing and dancing in Tim Curry's portrayal of the horrifying character of The Prince of Darkness in the Season 6 premiere. Known for his preference to attack during backouts, his victims list reached 200+ including the psychological torture of Morgan and the Spicer family.

Frankie Muniz as Jonny McHale

After suffering a psychotic break, this former Malcolm in the Middle star's character sought vengeance and went on a spree kill of gang members that once attacked him.  

Wil Wheaton as Floyd Hansen

This former Stand By Me star really turned up the creep factor in Season 4 as an unsub that raped and murdered his victims. Floyd claimed the lives of 3 couples, disguising them as suspicious car accidents. As a motel owner, he has the perfect way to trap and torture his victims.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Diane Turner


From Buffy the Vampire Slayer's little sister to murderous stalker on Criminal Minds, Michelle Trachtenberg's character couldn't be more different than her previous work. Diane kidnaps Dr. Reid's love interest Maeve and when committing suicide, kills her as well, all while Reid watches.

Who was your favorite Criminal Minds Killer?