9 Mysterious Places You Need To Visit

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9 Mysterious Places You Need To Visit

Are you an avid traveler? Maybe you have a case of wanderlust and are planning a multi- country adventure or you only travel occasionally, checking off your travel bucket list one destination at a time.

Whatever your travel style, there are some amazing ancient secrets to uncover around the world with destinations that will leave you awestruck.

With some striking buildings that were created by people who lived thousands of years ago, scientists are still trying to uncover the secrets surrounding their creation.

See them first hand and try to solve the mystery yourself.

Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

This colossal statue in the middle of the desert is perhaps the biggest mystery on this earth. It is believed that the Pharaohs only restored this creation that resembles a lion. Some believe that the striations that cover the body could be traces of the Great Flood. We later learned that there are rooms inside and underneath the giant, but any attempt to study them has resulted in accidents. Most professionals say that spending at least 8 days in Egypt would allow you to explore and unravel some of these mysteries and secrets for yourself.

What do you think? Could it hold some secret knowledge about a hidden city?


Terracotta Army, China

This mausoleum keeps more than 8,000 statues of Chinese warriors and horses. This handmade army from 200 BC is life-sized with the finest details that no two faces are the same.

Khan Academy

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

These prehistoric spheres from the Pacific Coast has had people talking for years. At one time it was believed there was gold hidden inside. Others believe they originated by water, but were disappointed to find out that theory was false. Because of their constant movement as tourist attractions, exact dating is impossible, so we can keep speculating.


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Easter Island Statues, Chile

There is a small island in the water of the Pacific Ocean that is covered with gigantic Moai.

There is evidence that these massive idols were moved from place to place, but we don't know why or how.

Unfortunately all the descendants that could have shed light on what went on here all died a long time ago.

All we can do is stare at the silent statues and wonder.


Petra, Jordan

Speculated to be a temple or mausoleum, it is known as Al-Khazneh, which means treasury in Arabic.

At a height of 900 meters above sea level, this amazing creation is hidden in the rocks.

Without the use of scaffolding many wonder how workers were able to turn the rocks into the masterpiece of Petra.

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Stone Labyrinths, Russia

The Solovetsky islands in Russia are decorated with spiral stone shaped labyrinths. With the entrance and exit being the same, some wonder what they were used for. Some believe it was practical like fish traps, others believe it was for entertainment, while some think it was a border with the spirit world.

Beautiful, fascinating and thought-provoking, this is a must add to your travel list.

Weird Russia

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Stonehenge, England

There are plenty of questions that surround Stonehenge including why it was built, how they they transported these massive boulders from the quarry that was found hundreds of miles away and who did in fact build it. There are many theories ranging from Merlin to Celtic priests. See it for yourself and come up with your own conclusions.

History of Stonehenge

Tikal, Guatemala

One of the largest Maya settlements is a gem in the jungle. With palaces, ponds and pyramids, this community has people wondering how the residents inhabited the area. The pyramids formed the town square and many theorize about their functions.

This is a must-see destination!


Baalbek, Lebanon

Evidence of a once prosperous city, this giant Lebanese temple is twice the size of the Athenian Parthenon in Greece. Romans didn't have the technology that could allow them to install the stone blocks that weigh up to 1,000 tons. The largest block of the Great Pyramid weigh only 90 tons. So who built it?


It's time to start collecting some stamps on your passport! Which amazing creation will you visit first?