9 Tiny Homes That Will Make You Re-Think Your Own House

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Tiny homes are all the rage right now! They're small, affordable homes that are surprisingly nice indoors. Similar to Granny Pods, tiny houses can sit anywhere. They're a great solution for a family member who needs to live close by, as you can set up the house in your backyard so everyone has their own space.

Take a look at some of the best tiny homes out there. Fair warning: I can't guarantee you won't want one by the end of this!

1. Green Moxie

This tiny home has a floorspace of 340 sq. ft. and costs about $75,000.

To get into the house, you'll need to lower the drawbridge and then enter the electronic code. The house has roof-based solar power, a rainwater collection system, and a water recycling system.

2. Revolve House

Students from Santa Clara University in California created this tiny house that includes a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and bedroom. There's also a rooftop deck!

In total, this house has a total floorspace of 238 sq ft.

3. Moon Dragon

$96,000 will get you this amazing house that looks like it belongs in a Disney movie!

It includes a small wood-burning stove for heat and has RV-style hookup for power. Plus, there's a solar kit in case you want to go off the grid for a bit.

4. Vista

With only 160 square feet, the Vista is one of the smaller tiny homes, but it's still gorgeous!

This tiny home will set you back about $46,000 but that view is totally worth it!

4. Red Mountain 34' Tiny House

The Red Mountain Tiny House is actually one of the larger ones you'll find.

This place boasts 410 square feet, two levels, and will cost you about $105,000.

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