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McDonald's May Be Switching To Fresh Burger Patties Soon

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If you live in North Texas, Oklahoma, or Dallas-Fort Worth, the next McDonald's burger you buy might be very different.

The popular fast-food chain has announced that they'll be testing fresh beef patties at over 400 restaurants in the United States. Quarter Pounder burgers are the only burgers affected by the changes, so if you have a Double Pounder, Bacon Clubhouse, or Homestyle Burger, you might end up with a juicier and more flavorful meal.

Previously, McDonald's has used only frozen patties from their suppliers, but now that Wendy's has switched to fresh beef, they want to provide the same to consumers.


Analyst Mark Kalinowksi said: "This collection of McDonald's restaurants...appears to mark the largest expansion to date of McDonald's US test of never-frozen beef. We view this latest expansion of never-frozen beef for quarter-pound beef patties as another signal as to the direction McDonald's US is likely to head - more test markets/restaurants are likely to introduce never-frozen beef in coming months."

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