A Charity Has Found The Only Good Use For Fur Clothes

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A Charity Has Found The Only Good Use For Fur Clothes

fEvery year millions of animals are killed just to make expensive clothes and hats for fashion lovers. Thankfully, after years of mistreating animals for the sake of style, people are finally starting to insist that all their clothes should be cruelty-free.

But the world is still full of old designer clothes, and now that fur is so unpopular they just sit unused in people's closets. That's why Born Free USA, a charity that rescues animals and protects wildlife, started their Fur For The Animals Campaign.

The annual clothing drive collects people's old clothes and donates them to animal shelters across America. This year, after four months of collecting clothes, they were able to hand out over 1,000 pieces, worth $3.7 million and representing 53,000 poor animals.

What's great about this idea is it uses fur for the one thing is should actually be used for: keeping animals happy and warm.

On their website, Born Free writes that "while we cannot undo the suffering of the many animals who died needlessly for fur garments, we can take fur out of circulation wherever possible and give it back to fur-bearing wildlife."

What a great message!

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