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America Could Run Out Of Christmas Trees This Year

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While science is telling us that decorating for the holidays early will make you happier, there's another reason to get your Christmas tree up sooner, rather than later.

This year the United States will be facing a tree shortage, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. This shortage could drive up prices for consumers due to the decreased supply.

Christmas trees can take nearly ten years to reach their full height of seven to eight feet, so now ten years after the Great Recession, the country is feeling the pain of the economic downturn.

“In those years we were in a recession. Tree sales were down, prices were down, and we weren’t planting as many trees,” Doug Hundley of the NCTA said.

The economic downturn forced tree farmers to limit their crops to save money during a time of decreased demand.

So how can you make sure you will get a tree this year?

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