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A Company Will Pay You $60,000 If You Look Like The President

Whether or not you agree with President Trump, you have to admit he's one of a kind. That's what's giving one company so much trouble.

Team Tactics hosts fun team-building exercises for huge companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google, and they love to push the envelope with themed events and seminars.

But the London based company has hit a snag while planning an upcoming event based on Trump's hit reality show The Apprentice. They say their search for a Trump impersonator hasn't turned up any results so far.

The company wants to say "You're hired!" to the right candidate.Uproxx

If you have what it takes to stand in for the President it could be worth your while, because Team Tactics is offering $66,000 a year to anyone they can pass off as the Commander in Chief. But there are some strict requirements:

Along with strongly resembling the president, you'll need to get a weekly spray tan and have your hair styled daily to copy his signature look (with all the costs covered, of course).

The company also wants candidates who have experience "within a similar role," which probably means as an actor, not as the Leader of the Free World.

If you think this is the role you were born to play, apply on the company's website. Otherwise, see who could fit the bill on the next page.

Check out the 3 best Trump impersonators on the next page!

These stars are probably out of Team Tactics' price range, but in a pinch they would make perfect stand-ins for President Trump.

A trio of Trumps from SNL, including the president, Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond.NBC News

The Singing Trump

While he got a rude reception from judge Mel B, this presidential impostor is still burning through the competition on America's Got Talent. He may not have the president's business talent, but he can sure sing and dance!

If you're a fan of the Bold and the Beautiful you might recognize the Singing Trump's alter ego, comedian Jeff Trachta, who played Thorne Forrester on the soap for 8 years

John Di Domenico

Unlike most Trump impersonators, Di Domenico has been honing his craft for more than a decade. His dedication has really paid off over the last few years, with 6-10 phone calls every day asking him to dress up as the president.

He definitely has the strong improvisational skills that the company is looking for, but his rates are actually much higher than they're looking for. Sad!

Alec Baldwin

Yes, he's butted heads with the president in the past, but his pitch-perfect Trump impression has won fans around the world. His Emmy nomination for playing Trump on Saturday Night Live would definitely stand out on a resume.

It's also true that Baldwin's political humor has rubbed the president the wrong way, so shipping him overseas to run team-building seminars would probably cheer Trump up.

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