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A Look Back at 6 of the Best 2018 Sports Moments

As the year comes to an end, it's time for everyone to reflect on the year that was. Though 2018 was certainly filled with sad, strange, weird, and downright terrifying times, there were plenty of moments that were either a lot of fun or extremely important.

Especially when it comes to the five largest sports in the U.S. -- football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and hockey -- there are hundreds of excellent moments that occur week in and week out. Let's take a look at some of the 2018 sports moments that stood out above the rest.

Here are some of the greatest sports moments throughout 2018:

The Vegas Golden Knights

Whenever a team has an inaugural season, it's a special year. When a teams' inaugural season ends with them making it to the Stanley Cup Final... that's an incredible feat that needs to be celebrated. This team of misfits took the hockey and the entire sports world by storm throughout 2018 and they welcomed everyone on the bandwagon.

Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan trade

Every year about 43 million Americans move, but not too many of them relocate from the warm community of San Antonio, Texas to the cold environment up north in Toronto, Canada. That's exactly what happened to Kawhi. Although this didn't exactly feel like a "best" moment for both Leonard and DeRozan, it still was an important moment for all of sports. This trade proved once again that sports is, above all else, a business. Toronto fans adored DeRozan and he gave them his all, only to be traded for a, who made it known that he does not want to play in Toronto. The deal happened and, despite some initial awkwardness, it looks like everyone is better for it.

Alabama football wins... again

Alabama winning the College Football National Championship doesn't exactly sound that exciting because it happens almost every year. But in 2018, the way Crimson Tide achieved this feat was truly special. Jalen Hurts lead Alabama to the NCAA championship game, but struggled, trailing 13-0 at the half. In comes freshman (and future Heisman runner-up) Tua Tagovailoa, and the Crimson Tide would go on to win in overtime 26-23 over Georgia. An amazing moment, for sure, but the best part was that Hurts, who was benched in a championship game, was nothing but supportive for his teammate and was cheering him on more than anyone else.

Liz Cabbage breaks WNBA record

Throughout the 2018 WNBA season, Liz Cambage scored an all-time record 53 points in a single game to lead her Dallas Wings to a 104-87 victory over the New York Liberty.

Game 3: The never-ending World Series game

Though it didn't feel like a victory for east coast baseball fans who had to work in the morning, this was still an historic event. The 18-inning game lasted more than 7 hours and doubled the longest game in World Series history. Though the Red Sox would go on to win the Series, the Dodgers won this night, winning 3-2 in the bottom of the 18th.

South Korea vs. Germany

There were plenty of 2018 World Cup moments that could be on this list, but this game was truly one of a kind. Germany was easily the favorite to win it all this year, but they couldn't get it done. After 90 minutes of scoreless action, South Korea's Kim Young-gwon scored, putting extreme pressure on the Germans. Could they retaliate and salvage a last-second victory? Nope... in the 96th minute, Son Heung-min put the game away with another South Korean goal.

There were literally hundreds of great sports moments throughout 2018, but these ones were particularly special. If you're a fan of sports, we're likely to get all sorts of amazing moments like this in 2019 -- so don't blink.

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