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A National Organization Of Vets Have Updated Their Policy On Declawing Cats

We recently reported on New Jersey's attempt to ban declawing cats, which will be the first ban of its kind by an American state if it passes.

Since the surgery was introduced it has been highly controversial among veterinarians and pet owners. Some see it as a routine surgery that makes owning a cat easier, while others say it's cruel and unnecessary.

Now, a huge national organization of veterinarians has weighed in, saying there's no excuse to declaw a cat.


Canada's Veterinary Medical Association have updated their policy on cat declawing to take a strong stance against the procedure.

The organization used to recommend avoiding declawing unless there was a good reason, but now they say there's no good reason to declaw your pet.

This new policy lines up with other large organizations, like the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Associations, which are both against the surgery.


Dr. Sherlyn Spooner, who helped re-write the Canadian group's policy, says that "we strongly oppose it because from an ethical viewpoint the surgery is unacceptable. It offers no advantage to the cat."

Declawing procedures remove part of the bones in a cat's feet, which is the only way to stop their claws from regrowing.

While there are different kinds of surgery, they all have risks and side effects including pain, nerve damage and even bone spurs.

The Human Society compares declawing a cat to "cutting off each finger at the last knuckle" for a human.

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It's already illegal to declaw cats in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Now other American states are considering their own bans, and it could soon be a thing of the past.

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