Scientists Reveal The Secrets Of Sunken Ships That Are Over 2000 Years Old

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We may have mapped out the vast majority of the globe on land, but an untold number of discoveries still lay hidden beneath the surface of the world's oceans and seas. When you dive below the waves of any given body of water, there is no telling what you may find hiding there.

Archeologists off of the coast of Egypt recently made a massive discovery, three ships believed to have sunk roughly 2000 years ago. The ships were found by divers off of the northern coast of Egypt near the harbor city of Alexandria.

Embassy n Visa

Researchers believe that the boats date back to the time of Rome's first Emperor, Augustus. Three coins that we found among the wreckage depict the ancient emperor.  


Augustus was also known as Octavian, and he was the heir and adopted son of Julius Caesar, who ruled the Roman empire in and around 27 and 14 BCE.  

The coins weren't the only artifacts that have been found so far.

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