A Poor Man Turned His Village Into A Sanctuary For Stray Cats

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A Poor Man Turned His Village Into A Sanctuary For Stray Cats

Muslihudin Sharbinie, who calls himself "Uli," is a very busy man. Between his wife, his 5 children and 3 jobs, it's amazing that he still finds time for anything else.

But since Uli was young his family raised him to love cats, and he spends the little spare time he has looking after the strays that live in his village. Most people treat them as pests, and even try to poison them, but Uli brings them spare food and tries to protect them as well as he can.

By chance, his generosity was noticed on the other side of the world, and now his "angels" across the globe have helped Uli save dozens of animals.

Two years ago, a woman from California stumbled onto Uli's Facebook page, where he'd posted about the cats he looks after. When she asked if there was any way to help him, he told her about everything the animals needed.

The nearest clinic to spay and neuter the strays was 3 hours away, and it would be expensive to hire vets to travel to the village. Plus, Uli always needed more money for food and medicine.

The woman and a few other of "Uli's Angels" organized a GoFundMe page for him, and so far they've raised nearly $18,000 from online donations.

This has meant big changes for Uli's village. Not only are the cats all cared for now, Uli has built them a sanctuary from materials other people threw away. Other villagers are even starting to change their minds and care for the cats the way Uli does.

It's hard to believe this all started with one man's small acts of kindness. Cat lovers just can't resist helping each other, no matter the distances between us!

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