A Small Act Of Kindness Gave This Dying Girl The Best Vacation Ever

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A Small Act Of Kindness Gave This Dying Girl The Best Vacation Ever

Sometimes a small act, done out of pure generosity, can make a huge change in someone else's life.

Alicia Gonzalez certainly thinks so. In her answer to the question "what is the best thing that ever happened to you for being nice?"  She shared a heartwarming story about her little sister Mackenzie, who died from cancer. When Mackenzie's family knew she didn't have much time left they decided to take her on trip to a water park, because that's where she wanted to go the most.

Alicia said that their parents decided to "find the cheapest cruise to the Bahamas, stay at a cheap hotel across the street from Atlantis, and make her wish come true." But when their father helped a stranger, they wound up giving Mackenzie so much more.

Before their trip, the family had stopped to take a picture with their cruise ship. By chance, they parked beside the cruise ship's owners. When their fancy car wouldn't start, Alicia's father gave it a boost. While he did, Alicia's mother explained their situation to them, hoping they would waive the $200 fee for the extra cot they needed.

A week later, the owners called Alicia's family and surprised them with great news.

"They wanted to give us a trip to the Bahamas in the biggest suite facing the water," Alicia wrote.

"They told us we would be staying in the nicest suite at Atlantis, with a limo ride to and from the hotel. We would all get a chance to drive the boat, take pictures with the captain, have our own butler-like guy to take us around and hang out with us, and all activities would be free. Want your nails done? Perfect, head to the salon. Want to eat at the most classy restaurant on the ship? Come at 7 we'll have your table ready."

The family was even given money to buy souvenirs, free snacks and toys.

"It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us," Alicia said. While Mackenzie passed on, the owners stayed close with Alicia's family and invited them back three times. On one of their trips, the family spread Mackenzie's ashes in the ocean.

"I like to think she will always be at peace in the waters near the Bahamas," Alicia writes, "always remembering the best time of her life when a complete stranger did an extraordinary act of kindness."

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