A Stray Cat Became The Bionic Kitty After An Accident

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A Stray Cat Became The Bionic Kitty After An Accident

Medicine has allowed people to live long and healthy lives, but more importantly it's done the same for our pets. Pooh, a stray cat from Bulgaria (where his name means "Fluff") got a new lease on life after losing both his back legs in an accident.

There's no way to know what happened to Fluff, but vets at an animal hospital in Sofia think he was hit by either a car or a train. While most cats who lose their back legs get a pair of wheels to pull around, or simply learn to live with their front two, Pooh was chosen for an experimental solution: bionic legs!

Pooh's new back legs are made of titanium, with soft shoes for "paws" at the bottom. It took weeks for Pooh to be able to walk again, because his body had to actually regrow over his new metal legs, but he's back to normal now.

Vets say he even tries to lick his metal legs to clean them, just like his regular ones.

Pooh isn't the first cat to get this futuristic upgrade. In 2010 a British vet gave a cat named Oscar his own robo-paws in a surgery that cost £50,000.

This surgery will get cheaper soon, but there's already a waiting list for the same procedure that Pooh went through. There's no word on how much it costs, but for now we're happy to call Pooh the Six Billion Dollar Cat!

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