Abandoned Baby Penguin Gets Adorable Sign To Help Keep Him Safe

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Abandoned Baby Penguin Gets Adorable Sign To Help Keep Him Safe While He Waits For His Mom

Facebook - Jeff Mein Smith

Finding a young animal in the wild can be a little bit confusing, because you might think that they are hurt or abandoned, but often intervening is actually the worst thing you could do.

For example, if you find a bunch of baby bunnies, you should know that their mom only comes back once or twice per day but she is coming back. Moving them, or even touching them, can result in their mom abandoning them completely.

So when Jeff Mein Smith found a tiny blue penguin on a beach in New Zealand, he took a moment to consider that it may not be the best to interfere. Luckily, other people noticed too, and actually wrote a sign for the little bird who couldn't speak for himself.

People had been watching the little bird, and actually created a sign that would hopefully help the young animal reunite with its mother. It read:

"Hi, I'm waiting for my mum to come back. [New Zealand's Department of Conservation] knows I'm here. Please leave me alone. *Keep your dog away. Thanks, Billy the baby blue penguin."

As if he knew what was going on, the penguin seemed to situate himself by the sign and waited. The DOC was keeping a close eye on him, knowing that if he was separated from his mother, chances are she'd return for him. But when he was still there the next day they decided to step in.

They found that Billy was underweight by about 350 grams, so the Christchurch Penguin Rehabilitation caretakers took him in and are getting him all the food he needs to get strong enough to head out on his own.

He's old enough to be away from his mom now, so he will be able to survive okay when he's a little bit stronger.

Billy was lucky that the people on the beach actually read his sign, and kept their distance from him, because now he will be able to grow up healthy and happy when he is released back in to the wild.

If you are ever in a situation where you come across a wild animal that seems like it has been abandoned, make sure you contact your local conservation groups to find out if intervening is the right thing to do or not.

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