Acrobat's Incredible Stunt Gets Upstaged By This Old Man


Acrobat's Incredible Stunt Gets Upstaged By This Old Man

When did exercise get so complicated? It seems like a few years ago the "basics" like weightlifting and running went out of style, because the internet is full of weird workout trends that defy explanation.

Travis Horn - also known as the Vegas Balance Guru - specializes in these strange exercise routines. His fans have seen him keep his balance on stacks of workout equipment and do things that would be impossible for nearly anyone else.

But this video features his most impressive trick yet: doing a handstand on 18 dumbbells stacked on top of each other. Unfortunately, all his hard work was wasted because no one watching this video can keep their eyes on Travis.

Did you notice what's grabbing everyone's attention? See that old man in the background?

While Travis is defying gravity and common sense with his balancing act, this senior citizen has impressed everyone with his series of perfect free throws.

No one knows the identity of this mysterious basketball wizard. Some people think he may be Bernie Sanders, but until Travis tracks him down we won't know for sure.

One thing is clear: this shot-calling senior citizen has stolen Travis's thunder in his own video!

Maybe this will teach him an important lesson about trying to show off. While he was taping himself doing something silly, this old man has won over people around the world through sheer talent.

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