10 Actors Who Are Surprisingly Difficult To Work With

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Workplace drama will never cease to exist. When you put a bunch of people with different personalities together, there's bound to be some conflict.

The fact is, you're not going to get along with everybody, and not everybody is going to get along with you.

But there are just some people that no one likes to work with, and these 10 actors are starting to build up quite the reputation for their antics.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Like many famous singer/actors, they have quite the reputation for being aliz diva.

Lopez is known for being quite demanding. She has a list of things she wants when she's going to do a performance that must be met, or else she won't perform.

Demands include staying in five-star hotel rooms and a private plane. Of course, the self-made millionaire won't be spending her own money on that.

2. Bruce Willis

The hero on our screen definitely does not have the same character traits as the man we see in real life. If it's not his way, it's the highway.

In the 2010 film Cop Out, director Kevin Smith called the actor a "f***** dick" for being rude and refusing to participate in promotional work for the film.

Also, for the third installment of Expendables, the production crew decided that Willis shouldn't even be a part of it if he was going to keep demanding more money. His former costar Sylvestor Stallone called him "greedy and lazy" on social media.

3. Russell Crowe

I always feel excited when I hear that a new Russell Crowe movie is coming out. He's a great actor and appears to be a well-rounded person, but my perception of him changed when I learned how he treated people when the cameras stopped rolling.

The New Zealand-born actor has quite the temper, which causes him to cuss people out and sometimes even fight them. Some people have hated working with him so much that they're willing to find another actor to take his place.

In 2002, Crowe yelled at a British Academy Film Awards producer because his acceptance speech for A Beautiful Mind had to be cut short. Talk about dramatic.

These next actors are considered to be even worse!

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