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Single Mom Is Stunned When Adopted Babies Turn Out To Be Related

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Take a close look and you can notice a family resemblance between Katie Page's children, two-year-old Grayson and one-year-old Hannah.

It's not a resemblance they share with her, just between each other. That's because - in an incredible and unusual case - both of Page's adopted children turned out to be biological siblings as well.

"They were meant to find each other," Page told Inside Edition about her children. "Of that I'm sure."

Page, who lives in Colorado, decided to become a foster parent in her early 30s. Soon after her application was approved, she adopted a baby boy born with drug exposure, Grayson.

"I fell in love the moment I saw him and held him in my arms," she revealed. "Welcoming a brand new baby boy into my home with less than a day's notice was scary but the best I have ever chosen."

Grayson's birth mom was out of the picture entirely, after giving hospital staff false information and leaving without her child, so he quickly became a part of Page's family as she set aside her fostering duties.

Months later, Page received another emergency call from her caseworker, this time about a baby girl. The foster mom says something inside her pushed her to welcome the girl into her home.

Adopted Siblings
Page with Grayson and Hannah at her daughter's adoption hearing.Wood and Grace - Instagram

That baby turned out to be Hannah, and her mother had left the newborn in much the same situation as Grayson's - alone in the hospital with drug exposure and other health issues.

Here was where the story took a surprising turn: the false name left at the hospital by Hannah's mother was the same one left by Grayson's, and the birthdays they provided matched as well.

"I started having strong suspicions that Grayson had siblings the day I accepted the baby girl into my home," Page said.

"I knew something was special about this little girl and that she might be a link to his family that we thought we would never know when I adopted him less than two weeks before."

A visit from Hannah's mother helped confirm Page's suspicions, and a DNA test ultimately proved them right. Like anyone else, Page says she was "shocked" by the news.

But now, the loving mom says she's grateful for answers to the questions her son will eventually ask.

"I was devastated for Grayson that he had just been left at the hospital with no information about his family and who he was," she said. "To have this little girl help us unravel huge pieces of the puzzle about his life and change his story forever was a huge blessing."

As for whether it was fate, chance, or something else that brought this family together, Page has no doubts.

Adopted siblings
Page is in the process of adopting Grayson and Hannah's younger sibling.Wood and Grace - Instagram

"I felt God clearly brought them together for a reason despite all the odds that could have kept them apart forever."

Now a third sibling of Hannah and Grayson's, a five-month-old newborn, is preparing to join the family this year.

Any way you look at it, this fated family is definitely one-of-a-kind.

Read more about Page's heartwarming story on her blog.

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