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Adopted Dog Refuses To Stop Snuggling His Rescuer

While some people are out buying flowers and chocolates for their Valentine, all this guy wants is a snuggle.

A photo of Russ the dog cuddling up close to his college student mama, Kayla Filoon has tugged all of our hearts and sent the internet into a frenzy of love.

Their adorable snuggle fest has an even cuter story that will make even the hardest of hearts believe in true love.

Meet Russ and Kayla

They love to cuddle

Kayla Filoon

When Kayla was walking other dogs at Philadelphia's municipal animal shelter, she saw Russ watching her through his cage.

Kayla Filoon

He was a stray dog in rough shape. He had kennel cough, an eye infection, itchy skin and a bleeding tail.

ACCT Philly

But that didn't stop her from taking him for a walk. He was such a good boy - gently taking treats from her hand and listening to her commands while on the leash.

ACCT Philly

Kayla says that he wouldn't stop cuddling with her. On that first day, she fell in love.

Kayla Filoon

The next day, she took him for a drive. When Coldplay's "A Sky Full Of Stars" came on the radio, she knew in her heart that this gentle beast was meant to be hers forever. "I actually cried, I knew it was meant to be, " she says.

Kayla Filoon

Kayla Filoon

That was two weeks ago. Now, Russ and Kayla have formed an unbreakable bond that will surely last the rest of his gentle life. Fate was certainly smiling on these two the day Kayla walked into the kennel!

To help more dogs like Russ, make a donation to ACCT Philly.

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