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Adorable Dachshund Freed By State Troopers After Getting Stuck in a Tree

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This pup ran into a little bad luck after chasing a groundhog into a space that was far too small for him.

Rocco a small dachshund found himself stuck in a tree until 2 off-duty Kentucky State Troopers came to his rescue.

Sgt. Michael Williams and Trooper Gerick Sullivan were mowing the grass in a cemetery when they heard the barking of the trapped pooch.

When they went to investigate they found Rocco peering through a small hole in the tree unable to squeeze through.

He had crawled through a nearby groundhog hole and ended up wedged inside the tree.

Williams and Sullivan called the Salem Fire Department who arrived to cut a hole in the tree with a chainsaw.

"The opening in the tree was made larger, should Rocco or another dog find themselves inside the tree again,” state police said.

Rocco was then reunited with his owner unharmed.

Where was the strangest place your pet got stuck?