After 20 Years Isolated in the Arctic, This Man Has Created Beautiful Music

About 20 years ago while perched on the top of a mountain Tim Linhart carved himself a string bass out of ice and was astounded by the beautiful song that came out of it.

“I skied all the way down to the village and I told them what had happened to me and how excited I was,” Linhart says in the video. “They pretty much thought I was a kook.”

Originally from Colorado, Tim is now based in Sweden.  He is the founder of Ice Music, an entire orchestra of what he calls ICEstruments. Tim's orchestra performs in a unique double-domed concert igloo, designed to vent the audiences warmth as to not melt the instruments.

Inside the igloo, you will find traditional instruments like violins, xylophones, guitars and rolondaphone.

These instruments are a challenge to maintain for Tim because even the player's body heat or audience's breath with cause them to melt and go out of tune.

"The ice instrument is made of frozen water, we're made of melted water. And that physical connection opens the door for a spiritual connection. And for me, when I listen to an ice instrument it just makes me happy," Tim said in his video.

The sound that comes out of these instruments is beautiful. Tell us what you think below!

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