Former Students Reunited To Celebrate An Incredible Teacher Who Treated Them Like Family

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Former Students Reunited To Celebrate An Incredible Teacher Who Treated Them Like Family

Out of all the people who make our lives special, teachers are some of the most important. A good teacher gives their students a direction in life and a love of learning that helps them follow their dreams.

For the past 30 years that's what Luzviminda Santiago has done for the students of Makati High School in the Philippines. Known for being a strict and demanding teacher, Santiago's students also remember her as someone who would do anything to help her class.

The biggest proof of her love for her students is the fact that she commutes 4 hours every day to be with them. Dedication like that deserves to be recognized, and that's exactly what her former students did with a little help from McDonald's.

Good Morning, Teacher!

May bagong umaga sa buhay ni Mrs. Santiago. #NationalBreakfastDay

Posted by McDonald's on Sunday, March 12, 2017

In this touching video, students from throughout Santiago's career share their memories of her, before surprising her with a huge reunion.

It seems like everyone she taught has a heartwarming story about the teacher. One remembers how, when his father died, Santiago paid for his fare to make sure he could go to school.

Another student, Evangeline Abrazaldo, actuallly works alongside Santiago as a teacher. She's just one of the many people this teacher has inspired to succeed.


The best part of this video is definitely Santiago's amazed reaction to seeing everyone together again. You can really tell that she thinks of them as her family, not just her students.

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