After Being Deemed "Too Aggressive To Be A Pet", This Cat Proves Everyone Wrong

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After Being Deemed "Too Aggressive To Be A Pet", This Cat Proves Everyone Wrong

Luddie the cat was in the care of a woman who specialized in rehabilitating traumatized cats. But he was not doing well even after being saved from the shelter that had scheduled him to be put down.

His new owner explains that when they got in contact with the foster home, they told them about Luddie's rough life. He had been hit by a car, thrown away and even had his tail burnt.

After all that, he was brought to a shelter who couldn't handle him. They said "he's impossible, he's too aggressive to be a pet. He's injured another cat here at the shelter and attacked several other volunteers. He's going to be put down in a week, we can't help him anymore."

After hearing this, Imgur user LeopardCay knew they were going to adopt him.

He was shaved down when he arrived, and was so scared on the way over that he soiled himself in the carrier. He had to get a shower when he first arrived to get cleaned up but as soon as he was done he acted like "he owned the place and placed himself on a shelf."

Patience was important with Luddie. "It took three days before he got along with our two other cats. It took a week for him to trust us enough to smell us. After three months, he was family. He started seeking contact and enjoyed cuddling," His new owner said, "After a year, he learned from watching the other cats to not bite when he was annoyed but to meow or walk away."

It's pretty amazing how a little bit of patience can be life changing!